One of the most fun things to do around the holidays is to go to San Francisco, check out all the decorated store windows and go to Santa Con, the annual gathering of the Santas.   This year the event was held on Saturday, December 15th at 12 Noon.   People come from all over to Union Square, dressed as Santa to just hang out with friends, wish each other a Merry Christmas and to have their pictures taken!   And let's be honest...the real objective is to follow one of six published pub crawl routes and to get tipsy.  It's lots of fun to watch the Santas early in the day before they head out...

My daughter, Honey, was the one who turned me onto the annual gathering and together the two of us headed to the Colma BART station where we took the 15 minute ride to the heart of San Francisco.  We got off at Powell Street and then walked two blocks to Union Square.

Besides Santas, there were people dressed like reindeer, there was a bear, a bunny and there was a Christmas tree with presents as well.    When the rain started, we headed to the top of Macy's across the street and went up to the 8th floor where there is a Cheesecake Factory.  They have have an outdoor patio that overlooks Union Square so that was a great place to get a perspective on the event.

Hope you enjoy the photos from Santa Con, and if you're planning on coming to Pillar Point RV Park any December, it's certainly worth the trip.

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