New RV Book Now Available

“Restoring a Dream” by Tim Shephard

Paperback - Kindle - Nook - iBook

New RV Book details the restoration of a vintage 1960 Airstream travel
trailer. This restoration was completed by the host of the popular Vin-
tage Airstream Podcast, now in it’s eighth year of broadcasting. Restor-
ing a Dream is available in multiple formats including an interactive
iBook version with photo slide shows and videos. The book is available
on, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iTunes.

Book Description

Restoring a Dream offers a unique twist on a restoration tale. Tim tells his
personal restoration story from tent camping in the California redwoods
to rebuilding two vintage Airstreams. Follow Tim as he decides to sell his
1971 vintage Airstream and purchase a new larger trailer. Learn what
changes his mind against buying a new trailer and why he buys one that
is even older!

Tim explains what to look out for when 'going vintage', how to choose the
right vintage trailer, and how to inspect it to avoid costly mistakes. Ride
along as he heads out on a 2400 mile ‘recovery mission’ to pick up his 46
year-old trailer, and find out how a year-long restoration takes a vintage
Airstream from a nightmare condition to a restored dream.

About the Author

Tim Shephard is the creator and host of The Vintage Airstream Podcast.
The show, created in 2005, is a restoration resource for vintage trailer
owners, and is heard in over 22 countries worldwide. Tim has restored
two vintage Airstreams of his own, and lives in Northern California with
his wife and children. They have enjoyed traveling in their vintage Air-
streams for over 10 years. For more information visit

Listen to the RV Dream interview with Tim as well

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