San Francisco's
Bay Bridge
Art Display

One of the attractions you will want to visit while you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park, is the World's Largest LED Art Sculpture installed on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Artist Leo Villareal, created the public art masterpiece using a 1.8 mile section of the bridge.  The exhibit, expected to be displayed every night through 2015 features 25,000 LED lights that move and pulse to a computerized program.   From a distance, the bridge appears like a sparkling gem, but each and every light is controlled individually via laptop from a software
program that Villareal himself created.

The project is privately financed and is estimated to cost around $8 million,which includes the cost of taking the project down.  Funds for the project are all privately donated.   As of this writing, a little over $2 million still needs to be raised.  "Illuminate The Arts" and "The Bay Lights" are selling specific lights in the name or honor of a loved one, a group or organization.  You can learn more about it at his website:

Organizers estimate the lights will bring in $97 million to the local economy.

Villareal, 46, is best known for large-scale light sculptures that are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington.  He designed his first light sculpture in 1997 for Burning Man, an arts festival in the Nevada desert.

The six-month installation began in September 2012.  Specially trained riggers worked full time daily attaching the LED light wires to the 300 cables on the bridge.   

Villareal will use patterns of weather, the water and the traffic of cars, ships and wildlife as inspiration for creating his software algorithms. The patterns will never repeat exactly the same.
The LEDs are high efficiency and the powerused will be offset by solar credits for the
least environmental impact.  Cost to light?  $15/night

In order to not distract drivers, the lights are not visible when you are actually crossing the bridge.

View the webcam of the bridge from dusk to 2am

Here are some of the best places to view the bridge.

1. The San Francisco Ferry Building
Embarcadero Promenade
Public Walkway from the base of the Bay Bridge to the San Francisco Ferry Building

2. Bridgeway Promenade
Sausalito, CA

Head down to the Sausalito waterfront for a spectacular view across the Bay. The best spots can be found between Richardson and Princess streets in downtown Sausalito.

3. Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA

Head over to the West side of Treasure Island, park the car, and snuggle up with THE best views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco. Treasure Island doesn’t offer much in the way of shopping and dining, but a thermos of hot chocolate a blanket and some snacks and you've got it made.

Bay Bridge Facts:

The Bay Bridge opened November 12, 1936, five months before the Golden Gate Bridge opened. Last year some 40 million cars crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, while the Bay Bridge carried more than 100 million cars.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge holds the title of longest high-level bridge in the world at 8.4 miles.

Completed in 1936, the Bay Bridge earned the honor of being declared the seventh wonder of the world in 1955 by the American Society of Civil Engineers

The depth of the water is between 50-150 feet

Movies that included the Bay Bridge:
2012 (2009)
Made in America (1993)
The Graduate (1967)

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