Just like their human counterparts, when pets are afflicted with even seemingly minor ailments such as an ear infection, stomach ache or cough, it can prompt a visit to the doctor. While the majority of these conditions are rarely life threatening, they can become chronic and expensive to treat. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.  recently sorted its database of more than 485,000 insured pets to determine the top 10 dog and cat medical conditions in 2012. Below are the results:



1.    Skin Allergies

1.     Bladder Infection

2.    Ear Infection

2.     Periodontitis/Dental Disease

3.    Skin Infection

3.     Overactive Thyroid

4.    Non-cancerous Skin Growth

4.     Chronic Kidney Disease

5.    Upset Stomach/Vomiting

5.     Upset Stomach/Vomiting

6.    Arthritis

6.     Diabetes

7.    Intestinal Upset/Diarrhea

7.     Intestinal Upset/Diarrhea

8.    Bladder Infection

8.     Skin Allergies

9.    Periodontitis/Dental Disease

9.     Lymphosarcoma (Cancer of Lymph Node)

10.  Bruise or Contusion

10.   Upper Respiratory Infection

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