Each year at this time, the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri, opens up their phone lines to take calls from people who want their dreams interpreted...free of charge.  Some of the top trained dream experts in the world are there 24 hours a day throughout the weekend to take people's calls and not only interpret their dreams but, give them some tools to help the person interpret their own dreams in the future. Today, on RV Dream New Radio, world wide acclaimed researcher and dream expert Dr. Barbara Condron joins us for a fascinating explanation about the Dream Hotline event and other assets available to the average person as it has to do with dreams.

Dream Coaches help you decipher
the messages in your dreams

What: 25th Annual National Dream Hotline®
When: 6 p.m. Friday, April 26  through midnight, Sunday, April 28, 2012
Who: School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute
Contact: 417-345-8411;

You are invited to call the 25th annual National Dream Hotline the last weekend in April, Friday the 26th at 6:00pm to Sunday, April 28th at midnight.  Students and staff  look forward to this enlivening event as this is the one time during the year that anyone around the world has the opportunity to call the School of Metaphysics Headquarters to have a dream interpreted for free.

Are you curious as to why you are having the same dream over and over? Or wonder what it means to die in your dreams? Maybe there is a dream that takes you to soaring heights. You have the dream and we have some answers.

Every dream is about the dreamer, therefore, dreams come in service to the dreamer. When you remember your dreams, new worlds open to you.  Understand your dreams in those worlds become your talisman giving greater purpose to your life. What’s in your dream?

Call to talk with a Dream Coach in person at 417-345-8411 or
visit www.dreamschool.org/submit-dream
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