I've always heard people referring to their RV's as "land yachts"...but it turns out an RV and a Yacht have more in common than I thought!

To preface this story, I have to tell you about one of my favorite places to stay which is Pismo Coast Village in Pismo Beach, California.   They have over 400 sites, a large store, a restaurant, outdoor equipment rentals, pool, a great laundry room and even a mini golf course on site.   One of the most unusual things about PCV is that they have a whole crew of people who do nothing but transport and set up RV's for people who then drive to the site to enjoy their motorhome.    About 30% of visitors there have actually never driven their RV!

Anyway,,,I just stumbled across a story about yacht owners who do the same thing!  There are actually shipping companies out there who will pick up and move your yacht to another location, so the owners can then flly in enjoy their yachts and then have someone move it to their next location.   The company says by having them move the yacht on a large shipping vessel, saves wear and tear on the yacht...plus busy owners who may not have the time to sail from one port to another. 

Thought you'd enjoy the story.  Great photos and explanation of how it works can be found at the link here:  http://www.cnbc.com/id/100758754

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