Okay, this is a commercial for our own product, but, it's also a great tip for you.

When you are traveling, particularly in your RV, you are very often subject to the outside noises of wherever you might have landed.  Perhaps, the RV Park is right by a busy freeway or street and you want to get rid of those traffic sounds.  Or, the neighbors are partying a bit too much...the kids are playing a little too loudly..etc.  We've all had to deal with outside sounds we'd rather block out.

I'm happy to say, that what I do is put my own Sounds of Pillar Point CD on and it completely knocks out the outside sounds with the beautiful symphony, of the ocean mixed with shore and sea birds and other sounds of the sea.  We produced this first for our own benefit, then realized we should share it with friends and now want to share it with you.

We will send you the cd for $15 plus shipping or you can download it to your cellphone right now for half that price.  To hear samples of Sounds of Pillar Point and watch some testimonials click here. To buy the CD and have it shipped to you click here. Or to download it your computer or cell phone, click here.

While I am writing this, there is loud noise outside my RV, but, I don't hear it because I am listening to Sounds of Pillar Point CD.  It really works!


Bob Hamilton
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