A husband has secured the ultimate revenge against his ex-wife.   Alan Markovitz purchased a home right next door to his ex and her lover in Bloomfieldl Hills, Michigan.

On his back patio, which can be seen from his ex wife's bedroom, he erected a 12 foot statue of a hand giving "the finger".  He has even illuminated it so it shines loud and proud all through the night.

While this little gesture wasn't meant to be anything but personal revenge, once the statue hit twitter, it's become the talk of the world.

Markovitz owns three strip clubs in Detroit recently wrote a book about his success, which is reportedly being turned into a TV reality series on Cinemax.

Now, if she only was an RVer, she could have just motored right out of there and forgotten the whole mess.   That's what you get when you have a house without wheels!

Long live the wheels!

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