"My Home With Style"

Ham and I get a lot of e-mail press releases from people who want to get us to talk about their travel products on our website.   We are very selective in what we decide to share and even then, it's only after we've done research to determine that the product is good and useful for the RVer. 

One such e-mail arrived and talked about sheets!  Hmmm...One thing about RV's is that most of the time they don't have normal sized beds.   Even if you have a queen bed in your rig, chances are it's a short queen.  You put on regular queen sheets and that bottom sheet is loose and sliding all over...double sheets are good lengthwise, but don't make it across the bed.  

So here comes the company, "My Home With Style" that features comfortable sheets "specially sized for RV bunk beds and short queen beds that will fit your home away from home perfectly."    Hamilton made a follow up e-mail and asked them to send us a set of their micro fiber sheets in the "chocolate" color.    My experience with micro-fiber sheets is that the make you hot and they have sort of stick to you, they don't really breathe, so I really wasn't all that excited about it.

The package arrived and after some urging by my husband, I put them on the bed.  The sheets were soft and fit our RV queen bed perfectly, but I was still going to reserve my judgement until I slept in them...and then I would pass on writing a review.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the sheets were super soft and light as a feather.  I stayed cool and cuddly and actually didn't want to get out of bed the next morning.  We both commented on how wonderful the sheets felt and now, when we go to bed at night, it's about getting snuggled in the sheets and getting cozy.  

I will tell you we are traveling along the California Coastline where the temperatures don't dip too far below 50 degrees year round, so it's not like we are facing winter here.  These sheets would be perfect for cold weather, but I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you can enjoy these sheets even in the warmer temperatures.

I wholeheartedly recommend you give these sheets a try.   And if you want to know what the company philosophy is about sheets, here it is...
"Our mission is to discover the best feeling, cozy, snuggly, soft, highest quality, hugely and most happily designed ease of lifestyle colored home textiles! Our stuff adds to
your life’s comfort. These are textiles to soothe your spirit, please your eye, rest your body, and engage your interest-to help you live your life."

The sheets also come in micro flannel and in a number of colors and patterns.
Check out the sheets, their colors and measurements here:


Here's a video of this wonderful bedding

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