It's always a bit of a negative to find out your phone or your tablet is not charged up, when you are going to need to use it again in a short period of time away from a plug ... So you plug it in and wait for it to slowly charge up... RVers in particular really rely on their devices... So to the rescue is Nonda’s new Zus cigarette plug that will charge up your phone or tablet at more than twice the speed of a normal in car charger…

There is also an app to connect to your Zus that will help you find your car in a parking lot if you forget where you left it. While RVers have no problem with finding their big RV’s, it could be a great help for locating that little tow car if you brought one. Also, it will keep track of your parking time and alter you if you’re in a pay parking spot.

Nonda sent us one to test out… it really does work... Charged our smartphones in half the time.

An important feature is the temperature monitor which keeps the Zus from overheating...that means it will last longer than that cheapy connector you buy..those devices generally have a short life.

The Zus is available at or on Amazon... Currently selling for about $35

The complete video story on the Zus is here

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