Ants in My RV!

by Pamela Hamilton 

It's so funny!  We have written so many articles on, that sometimes 
we don't even remember what exactly we wrote!   Such is the case with this post.     
We are currently visiting San Lorenzo RV Park in King City.   It's just a 
beautiful spot, which we recommend, but I noticed I started seeing some ants in my rig.   Hamilton and I both agreed that would make a good topic to write about.    I started out by running a google search on "ants in my rig" and guess what!?  I found a really great article #4 on the search and it was mine from 2012!...with over 7,000 reads!  Haha...So anyway, here it is again\ because you might have this little irritation too.   
Besides, the 4th of July is coming up and you know how ants like picnics!

To get all the details go to the main article at 

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