RV Dream New Radio announces the RV Dream Podcast.  Click HERE to go to the RV Dream Podcast page and click on the play arrow to listen to episode 1.  Multimedia producers and RVers Bob Hamilton and Pamela Hamilton along with RV industry veteran are hosts for the RV Dream Podcast.  What makes this podcat different? While it pays attention to the new RVer and the basics of RVing, the Podcast concentrates on the forward edge of today's RV experience, boon docking and dry camping and the RV's with the technology that allows the freedom away from crowded, overpriced RV parks as well as RV's that are built the same way they were built 50 years ago.  

Episode 1 has long time industry consultant Jim Eberhardt explaining the classes of vehicles for the RV dreamers and gives great advice on buying a first RV.  And, episode 1 has two special guests, 
Joel Holland - Harvest Hosts
Joel Holland, owner of the very popular and fast growing Harvest Hosts, a great system of dry camping and boondocking across America, and Kayen Graham, who gives some great insight and advice about a single woman traveling North America alone in an RV.

In upcoming podcasts, RV Dream will have experts on to discuss new house battery and solar technology, and other new devices to let an RVer and the RV to truly be "self contained."

Podcasting is hot!  Over half of Americans have listened to a podcast and the audience has doubled in the past 5 years.  The age group listening to Podcasts is wide indeed, ranging from young people to seniors.  The technology has gotten better and simpler, as one click allows a person to listen from their iPhone or Android phone as well as their tablet and PC.
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