While there are a whole host of wonderful restaurants, many within walking distance of Pillar Point RV Park, there's nothing like throwing fresh fish, caught that day, on the grill.

Getting your hands on a fresh fish is easy here and there's several ways you can do it.

1.  Go out on the jetty to catch one OR use the Boat launch a block away to take out your own boat.  It's only $13 to launch.  Self serve.

2.  Book a charter that will take you out f...

Fishing at Pillar Point RV Park

While there are several sport fishing boat tours in Pillar Point Harbor, you can also catch fish right off the jetty right in front of Pillar Point RV Park.     Besides fish, folks come back with crab and clams as well.   No charge to fish here!  This photo was taken 3/12.

The following charter companies also offer Whale Watching, Bird Watching and Ash Scattering services as well a...
The Klamath is one of the most important rivers for fish migration on the west coast of North America south of the Columbia River.  The river is considered a prime habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

Beginning in late summer, great migrations of King Salmon (Chinook) make their way up the Klamath River back to their place of origin to lay their own eggs to complete the circle of life.    (Prime Fishing August to Oc...<...>

While I'm not really a fishing person, I know LOTS of RVers are!   Besides, fishing stories are some of the best stories around! 

  I came upon this website and thought probably it's one of the best.   Just about anything you can imagine is there.   Check it out!

In the meantime,   if you have a favorite fishing website, let me know and I'll add i...