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                                                                           Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of the t...

Creekside Smokehouse
280 Ave. Alhambra
El Granada, CA 94018
(650) 712-TUNA

Right across Hwy 1 within walking distance from Pillar Point RV Park is Creekside Smokehouse.   It doesn't look like much from the outside but inside, well, it doesn't look like much on the inside you will find some really friendly folks and some of the best smoked fish and cheese in the area.

We tried ...

While the wind was rattling our travel trailer this morning and the sound of the rain drowning out my thoughts, you still don't know what delights are coming your way.   I looked out the window and right there, in front of us in the Pillar Point Harbor were two very brave kite surfers.    The wind was right, the harbor smooth and a couple of young men came to take advantage of the nearly perfect conditions.  (no...

Fabbri Home and Garden
501 San Mateo Road, Highway 92 (Spanish Town)
Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

Open 7 days a week

You can't miss this place if you are coming to Half Moon Bay via Highway 92 because of all the dinosaurs in front of their gardens!   Giant 19 foot T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops along with a Wooly Mamoth and giraffes greet you as you drive along.   The creatures, including flying dragons,&...
Lemos Farm
12320 San Mateo Road (Hwy 92)
Half Moon Bay, California  94019

It was a very special day when we visited Lemos Farm!   The 9 goats in the petting zoo were ALL giving birth!

The children gathered around to witness the big event.   What a delight it was to see the babies wobble up on their four legs for the very first time as they try to find the right place to nurse!   


Every night it's another beautiful sunset.  Everyone at the park gathers outside their rigs to watch the sun sink below the horizon and dazzle us with a beautiful light show.



The waves woke me up this morning and if you peeked out the window of our trailer like I did, the sight would have taken your breath away.   Big beautiful waves were hitting the jetty and sending sprays of water jumping in the sky,  the sun drawing mini rainbows in the mist.  Since we've been here, that's the way most days begin!  Lucky us!

Pillar Point RV Park is located 3 miles north of Half Moon Bay off Highway 1...and...
Before I became an RV'er, myself,  my picture of the RV'er was that it was grandma and grandpa, now retired, put a camper shell on the back of their pickup and went out to see the world they'd never been able to see because of being chained to work.  Wrong!...and Wrong again!  About the time I settle on a definition, someone like Flo of Hamburg, Germany pops up.  The only reason Flo and his family RV is because it's the easie...