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43rd Annual HALF MOON BAY
October 19-20, 2013
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA

No matter where you go in Half Moon Bay, you will see fields and fields of pumpkins waiting for children and adults to come pick them up for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.   That also means it's time for the Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off and the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin F...

San Francisco's
Bay Bridge
Art Display

One of the attractions you will want to visit while you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park, is the World's Largest LED Art Sculpture installed on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Artist Leo Villareal, created the public art masterpiece using a 1.8 mile section of the bridge.  The exhibit, expected to be displayed every night through 2015 features 25,000 LED lights that move and pulse to a computerized pr...
The 49 Mile Scenic drive was created in 1938 by the Downtown Association to
highlight the city’s beauty and to promote it as a tourist destination. The
route was also created as a way for visitors to see San Francisco while they
were here for the Golden Gate International Exposition from 1939-1940.

The route starts at City Hall and takes you along many of San Francisco’s
historic and iconic landmarks.  Printed maps of the drive are available...


One of the most fun things to do around the holidays is to go to San Francisco, check out all the decorated store windows and go to Santa Con, the annual gathering of the Santas.   This year the event was held on Saturday, December 15th at 12 Noon.   People come from all over to Union Square, dressed as Santa to just hang out with friends, wish each other a Merry Christmas and to ha...

You just never know who you're going to meet when you're staying at Pillar Point RV Park in Half Moon Bay.  Today we met Roy and Lynn Roden.  They are biking over 4,500 miles, from Seattle, Washington, to Miami, Florida in an effort to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease. 

Roy and Lynn rode into the park with Lynn's brother, David Rambo, pulling an original 1969 Airstream that they are in the process of restoring, following ...
One of the most exciting annual events for those staying at Pillar Point RV Park is the Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest.

The window for the Mavericks Invitational officially opens this Friday, November 9th.  Twenty-four surfers will receive 24 hours notice to arrive at Pillar Point
to compete on some of the world's biggest waves.   While the elusive waves did not appear last year, forecasters this year are predicting more favor...


The town of Half Moon Bay which boasts a population of approximately 13,000 turns into 350,000 over a two day period.   Considering there's only two ways in and out of Half Moon Bay, (Highway One and Highway 92, which are both single lane roads each way), it takes some savvy planning to navigate getting to the festival.

We are staying at Pillar Park RV Park.   It is only 3 miles north of Half...
Breaking News!
Monday, October 8, 2012

The winner of the 2012
Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off is...

Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Oregon
with a 1,775 pound monster pumpkin!

Prize Money: $10,650

Thad's pumpkin also set a new California state record!


Thad and his family...Wife Katrina, and kids Derrek and Danica.   Danica was the one who actually selected the exact seed

One of my favorite things to do while at Pillar Point RV Park is to watch the birds....especially the pelicans.    They're big, but agile in the air and amazing fishermen.  You can watch them turn their huge bodies into thin arrows as they plunge into the ocean and emerge with their long beaks and gullets full of fish. 

On a recent walk, we had a bit of a wake up call to remind us that pelicans are wild animals and while...

Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival
October 13-14, 2012

Rebecca Coffman’s fantastic design was selected as the winner of the 2012 Pumpkin Festival Poster Design Contest and is featured as the centerpiece on all promotional material for this year’s festival.

The week of celebration begins with the...

Monday, October 8th, 2012  at 7am
 735 Main Street, in Half Moon Bay

A special $5,00...
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