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California Road Conditions
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There are an amazing number of websites and apps to help RVers as they travel. While we all like to complain about our government (s) we have discovered the Department of Transportation, both on the federal and state level have some fantastic resources for RVers.  We have mentioned this before, but, just discovered this listing of every state DOT.  Road conditions, up to date...closures, etc are on these sites and they can save you som...
We all like to make jokes about highway workers...none gets more verbal abuse than "Cal-Trans" in California.  But, if no other place, when you drive Highway 101 with its beautiful, almost perfect roads and safety features, it makes you want to stop and shake their hand and thank them for their service to the community.  Also, Cal-Trans has an excellent website which lets you type in any highway number and get a detailed list of the wo...
This is a fantastic website operated by the Federal Highway Administration