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If you have any tips that have made your pet more comfortable while traveling, let us know.  Just add your idea in the comment section.   We'd all appreciate it!

Bring along adequate water and your pet's preferred food


Keep your pet on a leash when outside a vehicle- It is too easy to become separated in a strange place.  Most RV parks will require you to have your dog on a six foot leash at all times until they are in the do... has launched Ask petMD, an online veterinary resource built to help pet parents get quick and reliable answers to their non-emergency questions*. In just a few simple steps, pet owners can submit their questions online and receive a response from a certified veterinarian within a matter of hours.

Users simply type their question and are prompted to create an account and fill out basic information about their pet. They can also cho...
I thought I would keep a log of the views out of the window of my trailer as we travel around the country.  Just getting started...

Two tree houses created from Redwood tree logs.  Located at  Shrine Drive Thru Tree along Avenue of the Giants in Myers Flat, California.   Seriously, I want to move in.  The taller one is actually two stories.  Kids love to look through the highest window.

The Skunk Train pas...