Pismo Coast Village-Perfect Place to Kite Surf

by Bob Hamilton on 02/27/2011, 01:54 PM

Tags: pismo beach , pismo coast village , central coast , california coast , kite surfing , kitesurfing

Before I became an RV'er, myself,  my picture of the RV'er was that it was grandma and grandpa, now retired, put a camper shell on the back of their pickup and went out to see the world they'd never been able to see because of being chained to work.  Wrong!...and Wrong again!  About the time I settle on a definition, someone like Flo of Hamburg, Germany pops up.  The only reason Flo and his family RV is because it's the easiest way to find new places to kite surf.  Perhaps you're familiar with Kite surfing..I wasn't.  I happened to pass by Flo's site here at Pismo Coast Village and noticed he had a big, rubberized tarp like looking thing laid out and was cleaning it.  I had to ask him what he was doing and that's when I got my first education on kite surfing.  Basically, it's a small snow board attached to a large "crossbow shaped,: rubberized kite that not only pulls you through the water but will take you into the air as well.  Flo said kite surfing here at Pismo Coast Village was "the best."  First of all, being right on the beach, Flo had only a short walk to the water to carry his gear.  Secondly, the winds have to be just right...they can't be blowing in to the beach or out to sea...they need to be crosswinds, more for safety's sake than anything else...you don't want the wind to be blowing you to Hawaii or back hard on the rocks.  Flo said they winds here at Pismo Coast Village were perfect for kite surfing.

So, how is it that Flo and his family flew from Hamburg to Los Angeles, rented an RV and made their way to Pismo Coast Village?  Because other friends in Germany had done it and told him how perfect the California coast was for kite surfing and much easier it was doing it in an RV...So, now your picture of an RVer has to include a large group of kite surfers. Also, Flo and his wife have a 10 month old baby, and RVing is a much more convenient way to travel with young children.

We have a video interview with Flo today on RV Dream New Radio.  Or you can view it by clicking here. You can also download it as a podcast by clicking here.