Northern California - RVing: Breakfast in a bag!

by Pamela Hamilton on 06/10/2011, 02:33 PM

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It has been a real joy to spend a few days at the Mad River Rapids RV Park, here in Arcata, California.  Our hosts Tim and Sandy are the best and immediately welcome you into their family here.  It's peaceful, quiet, and everyone has their own lawn to play games, lay in the sun or wrestle with your kids.     We have already made plans to return in a couple of weeks and hope to be able to spend more time because there's just so much in the area to do.    If hiking in the redwoods doesn't knock you out, there's fishing in the river or the ocean, clamming, a fish ladder on the river used by the steelhead, ATVing, the redwood lumber mill and museum...

ANYWAY...I'm supposed to be talking about breakfast!

We met a wonderful group of people from Weaverville, California who comprise the Trinity Nuggets RV Club.   We were graciously invited to join their potluck dinner that night and while chatting away, I found out they also do potluck breakfasts as well!    I sat across from Jane Martin, who told me about a new idea (for me!)...breakfast in a bag! she has boil worthy plastic bags available and markers so you can write your name on them.  She has  an array of items available...mushrooms, ham, peppers, onions, bacon and cheese.  Once someone has put their desired ingredients into their bags, Jane scoops in two
ladles of beaten eggs, seals the bag up tight and then throws it into a large vat of boiling water over the fire (or stove)!  Minutes later, voila!, a campfire omelette!   It's perfect for a large crowd of people because rather having to wait for each individual dish to be created, you can do them all at once and everybody gets to eat together at the same time!  

So, hats off to Jane for this great idea!   It was a delight to share your company over dinner.  We hope to be able to meet up with the group again sometime soon.  Thank you for taking us into your RV family!