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by Pamela Hamilton on 12/03/2012, 04:10 AM

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You just never know who you're going to meet when you're staying at Pillar Point RV Park in Half Moon Bay.  Today we met Roy and Lynn Roden.  They are biking over 4,500 miles, from Seattle, Washington, to Miami, Florida in an effort to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease. 

Roy and Lynn rode into the park with Lynn's brother, David Rambo, pulling an original 1969 Airstream that they are in the process of restoring, following right behind.   While there have been a number of challenges with the trailer along the way, these first time RVers as of a month ago, have discovered the big secret we all know...RVers are great people.  They have been encouraged and delighted by those who are helping and reaching out to them along the way.

Roy himself has Parkinson's disease.  In July 2012, he underwent DBS (Deep Brain
Stimulation) surgery to help alleviate his symptoms of Parkinson's.  He says the implant, which works similarly to a pacemaker for the heart, helps to stimulate his brain and has
reduced his need for medications from 30 pills a day to less than three on the day we met.
Over 100,000 of these devices have been implanted in Parkinson's patients around the world.

1 in 100 people are diagnosed with Parkinson's... 65,000 new cases every year and it's striking adults at a younger and younger age.  What used to be a disease of "old people" is now hitting people in the prime of their lives.  That's why it's so important to find a cure.

Roy is upbeat about his prognosis and even though there is no cure for Parkinson's he is passionate about getting people with the disease active in the management of their own diagnosis.  As a motivational speaker, he spreads the word about being victorious, not a victim.  He emphasizes being proactive, eating right, exercise, keeping a positive outlook and getting involved in clinical trials....  The more people with the disease step forward the faster a cure will be found.   Those who are able to contribute monetarily are greatly appreciated so the research can continue.

Beside the personal challenge, Roy and Lynn are also riding in support of several non-for-profit organizations that hold 501c3 charitable status, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the National Parkinson’s Foundations, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Here's David with Roy and Lynn's dogs, Oliver and Samantha. 

Check out their blog at pdchallenge.com
*Lynn keeps you abreast of developments along the way.

*Look at their route and follow along!  You may want to ride with them for a while or offer a hot meal or make a donation to them directly or to any of the Parkinson's groups they are representing.

*Roy will talk to your PD group or one on one to your loved one to offer encouragement.

*Get a t-shirt commemorating the journey directly from Roy and Lynn for a $25 dollar donation.  OR sponsor them per mile along the trip.   Check out "How You Can Help" on their website.