Watching RV Dream New Radio on your iPhone and iPad

by Bob Hamilton on 04/22/2012, 03:28 PM

Tags: iphone , ipad , rv dream new radio , itunes , flash

Apple does not like flash...There are many different explanations for that given, including Steve Jobs relentless criticism that flash takes up too many resources.  But, flash plays brilliantly on PCS and Android based phones and shows little signs of taking up too much memory.  Chalk it up to a personal matter between Adobe (owner of flash) and Apple.

So, we're disappointed (as we were yesterday) when RV Dream New Radio (which is flash based) does not play on an iPad or iPhone.  Ultimately, we will be html5 which plays on everything, but that technology is not ready for prime time as yet.  We are keeping our eye on it and will make the switch when it's time.

In the meantime, if you're an IPad or iPhone owner and want to see RV Dream New Radio there are some things you can do without going to a lot of trouble.

There is also the Skyfire browser which has gotten better and takes any page with flash on it and converts it to html5.  The browser costs 3 or 4 dollars, but we have played with on its Android version and it works great...

A third way is with iSwifter, which you can download from iTunes.  This is for the iPad can download it for free, but they'll ask you to contribute some money...You can see iSwifter on iTunes by clicking here..

In the meantime, we'll keeping working on making the video/audio stream here on RV Dream New Radio as simple and easy to use as possible while maintaining what we believe is the best quality available on the net...we don't want you Apple RVers to get left out!