Pismo Coast Village-RV Tip of the Day #7-10pm to 8am..

by Bob Hamilton on 04/04/2011, 12:40 PM

Tags: rving , pismo beach , pismo coast village , rvers

With 400 sites and families gathering....At times here at Pismo Coast Village there can be close to a thousand people staying here...With all those people, what is amazing is how quiet it is..particularly in the evening...There is a written and unwritten RV law that it's quiet time after 10pm and it stays that way to at least 7 or 8 in the morning.  The only sound you generally hear after 10pm at Pismo Coast Village is the dominant sound of the ocean as it comes ashore.  New, or part time RV'ers may not know the universal observance of the 10pm to 8am quiet time no matter where they are.   You can be dry camping at a Flying J or Walmart where 20 to 30 RV's are huddled..or at a high end resort like Pismo Coast Village..you will still not hear a loud party or a generator running after 10pm.  Of course, there's plenty of activity inside these high tech vehicles, with big screen TV's and sound systems.  But, outside...certainly after 10pm....it's wonderfully peaceful...certainly at Pismo Coast Village.