RV dream new radio - vaping simply explained... Video with Mindy from EJuice4U

by Bob Hamilton on 12/06/2015, 11:55 AM

Categories: Vaping
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A percentage of RVers still smoke... Cigarettes or cigars.... In some cases its been a motivation to buy an RV as smoking is now forbidden in almost every hotel room. Of course you don't want that smell in your RV and certainly if you expect to ever sell it, price goes down considerably if it has been tainted with tobacco smoke. If you ask someone these days If they smoke and they say yes they usually follow it with "yes but I am trying to quit". Now comes vaping. These are sometimes called electronic cigarettes but there is a difference between those ecigs you buy at a gas station and a vaping pen, particularly, as it has to do with the chemicals used to generate smoke. Both contain nicotine which has proven to be harmful especially as it has to do with plugging up those arteries. So, it's better not to do anything and stay away from nicotine. But compared with that pack of camels vaping is, believed to be a lot less harmful.  If your a total newbie to vaping, it is not easy to find information on how to get into it. There are a great many videos on YouTube about vaping but most all of them are about advanced use. Mindy from EJuice4U suggested that we do a video that would explain what to get and how it all works, so we have it for you here.EJuice4U is absolutely the least expensive and highest quality vape juice you can buy anywhere and you can order it online and have it shipped to you... More information about EJuice4U here. Now here is our video on the basics of vaping.