Rob Anderson is a Kentucky autoworker and he was doing some last minute
Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.  He wanted to buy three lottery tickets to
give to three different people, but the clerk made a mistake and put all three
numbers on the same ticket.  Anderson kept the mistake ticket and had three more
printed out.  Good thing he kept that mistake ticket because it was a Powerball
winner of $128 million dollars...the largest jackpot in the state's history.
Anderson and his wife were introduced on Wednesday at the state lottery
headquarters in Louisville. The couple have been buying lottery tickets for over
12 years. The couple, who work at a plant building seats for Toyotas, said they
were hesitant to go public about the winnings.  Anderson said they would like to
go back to school, get a new car and take a trip to Hawaii.  The couple haven't
decided whether or not they will return to work.  If they decide to take the
winnings in a lump sum, after taxes they will pocket $63 million.


Wendy Northcutt, the founder of the annual Darwin Awards, has announced the 2009 winners.  The awards are given to those "doing the most to improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it."  In first place comes a Belgian pair of ATM robbers who used so much explosive to get their hands on the money that they blew themselves up and destroyed the whole bank building.  Second place went to Florida man Shawn Motero came second in the awards after accidentally plunging to his death because he needed a pee. He'd been driving along when nature called and pulled over to find a more secluded spot and jumped over a nearby wall. Unfortunately he hadn't realised he was on a bridge and fell 60 feet to his death. Third place went to Rosanne Tippett who drove her moped through a police roadblock and into a flooded creek. Though she was initially rescued by officers she insisted on trying to cross the creek again and drowned.

According to a survey by, 36% of women who say they are watching their weight, actually hide food or eat food in the dark.  In the survey of 2,000 women, favorite places for stashing treats is in their purse, under the bed and in clothes drawers. They also admitted to secretly eating while in the car, walking down the street or even while tanning.  While the average diet lasts 15 weeks, 28% of women say their diets last less than 24 hours. Four in ten women have faced temptation watching their husband eat something delicious in front of them. 11am and 3pm emerged as the peak secret-snacking time.
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