What is RV Dream New Radio?

RV Dream Radio is a professional "New Radio" station.  Unlike the old "broadcast radio" model, "New Radio" is a mix of both audio and video.  New Radio allows the listener/viewer to listen/see it as a regular streaming radio or TV station, but also gives them the power to pick and select individual features at any time as well.  New Radio is available on computers, smart cell phones and other devices as well.  Each individual feature can also be downloaded as a "podcast" and viewed on other video sites such as Youtube at the same time.

RV Dream New Radio is a professional radio station

The Content Creators have over 80 years of successful broadcast radio, television, video and music experience combined. And, with the New Radio Star network, RV Dream taps into a network of the finest radio content producers in the world.  Additionally, the content creators have been creating, producing and maintaining on-line sites for over 27 years.

RV Dream New Radio is meant to be a "service" to anyone and everyone connected to, or interested in, RVing.  The content is both information and entertainment. When on location, the content is both video and audio.  When it is a phone interview it is audio only, with pictures.  

1. News about Rving in general
2. News about events, rallies, festivals, etc
3. News about locations
4. Weather, both general and alerts
5. Interviews with RV experts in many different areas
6. Interviews with RVers themselves
7. "How to" audio and video
8. Stories on new RV oriented products including RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toyboxes, etc
9. Spotlights on RV Resorts and Parks
10.Music, comedy and other entertainment features


The World's Most Powerful Content Delivery Network

RV Dream New Radio sits on one of the top 50 most sophisticated, content delivery networks in the world! This results in the highest quality delivery of video and stereo audio.  With the speed of this network it means not only quality, but instant start, full screen..no buffering on anyone accessing RV Dream with broadband, which includes over half the internet users and 3G cell
phone listeners.

The World's Most Complete Community Social Network Platform

RV Dream also sits on top of one of the world's most complete social networking platforms.  This means that when a feature (audio or video) is posted it can also be posted on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or dozens of other social network platforms as a summary and link.  This means that RV Dream does not wait for the audience to come to the RV Dream website, but reaches out around the world to grab them. The listening/viewing still takes place on the RV Dream website to get the optimum impact on the audience.  On that "landing page" is a "call
to action."


Advertising and marketing on RV Dream New Radio

New Radio allows advertisers to insert "pre-rolls" (20 second or so spots before the video/audio begins), "lower thirds" (ads at the bottom of the screen while the video plays) "post rolls" (20 second or so spot directly after the video has played.)" Also, advertisers can insert longer video/audio "advertorial" spots between the features as the station plays.

Additionally, advertisers can buy the banner, card ads on the side, blog ads, the main full screen splash intro page and more on the RV Dream website.

But, that's only the beginning.  Advertisers on RV Dream get a state of the art set of tools for worldwide internet marketing. Advertisers can have their own social network site allowing for blogging, RSS feeds, bookmarks, categories, search, cloud computing and more.  Additionally, the advertiser can have their own audio/video channel on their own social network website.

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