Pillar Point RV Park
Has Increased its Site Nights by Over 50%
Since Working With RVDream New Radio.

Pillar Point RV Park is Now Consistently Full

Looking around at the full and overflowing RV park
Bob exclaimed "It worked!"
Lorraine replied "How could it not, Bob!  How could it not!?"

Using RVDream's combination of video, social network marketing and the 2013 concept of a "live" website, Pillar Point RV Park, just north of Half Moon Bay, has increased its site nights to almost constant full capacity in just over a year.   For them, it's over a 40% increase in longer and returning visits.   For its guests, its a source of everything they need to know to make their stay more enjoyable...including full website translations in 39 languages for Pillar Point's non English speaking guests.

The website and video production has been done by RV Dream New Radio, but it has been a team effort of the entire park, that made this the resounding success it has become. Hosts Lorraine and Terri believed in the concept from day one and have been supportive, and contributed with suggestions, ideas and feedback on a constant basis.  They never took a "let's see if it works" approach, but embraced the concept and encouraged their visitors to make full use of their website and the TV channel.  That attitude was very key to the success of the project.

Of course, if it weren't a great RV Park in the first place, all the marketing in the world would not have made it a successful venture.  Pillar Point RV Park is right on the ocean, in a rural setting, yet walkable to restaurants and shops. Secondly, Lorraine and Terri are RVers themselves, and understanding and caring about other RVers is part of their basic nature.  Next is the beautiful garden landscaping around the grounds that Lorraine has so lovingly installed.  (Over all, Pillar Point RV Park would certainly contend for the friendliest RV Park award if one were given out.)  They are just 15 minutes to the local BART station, 30 minutes total to downtown San Francisco.  While not being directly in Half Moon Bay or Pacifica it was easy to overlook Pillar Point RV Park and the goal a year ago when the project with RV Dream began, was simply to be noticed and tell Pillar Point RV Park's great story.

RV Dream, with Bob and Pamela Hamilton bring over 90 years combined experience in radio/music/television/the Internet and multi-media production.  Their New Radio Star was the first on-line service for broadcast radio, beginning in 1982 and continues today.  Bob also wrote five successful books about the industry and has produced many large national multi-media projects. Both Bob and Pamela have spent over 30 years studying and utilizing on line marketing as well as traditional media marketing.

Here are the top 10 ways RV Dream and Pillar Point RV Park have drastically increased their site nights. 

1.  Using professional video production, and the high end video delivery of partners Sermon.net and Edgecast, RV Dream has not only shot on-going video of the park and the things to do and see around the area, but also have done interviews with RVers while they stayed there.  The RVers themselves, who are all happy to be at Pillar Point are a testimony that goes beyond Yelp or the other text review sites. Having an RVer tell you on video how great their experience at Pillar Point RV Park has been, is very powerful.  Many have commented that these RVer interviews were what made them come to Pillar Point RV Park. Most RV Park websites have no RVer presence other than photos of RV's in the park.

2.  Pillar Point RV Park changed its website from a static, never updated website to the dynamic "live" site on RV Dream. In the past year, the videos alone on the website have had over 73,000 unique viewers and that number continues to grow. The Sharetronix platform RVDream uses also has a powerful social networking foundation that allows for RSS Feeds that update the website itself without anyone touching it.  It is also a very simple interface that can be added to or changed at any time from any computer used by the "administrator".

3.  The Pillar Point/Sharetronix website is connected with multiple social networks, set up for the park, by RV Dream, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many others, so that a "Post" (story) written on Pillar Point RV Park's 'live site" is instantly posted to all the social network sites with a summary and link.  If people want to read the story, the link brings it back to the Pillar Point website to open and read.  RV Dream believes that "hits" and "page views" are less important than people seeing a summary of a story and then being interested enough to actually open and read it.  They do so on the Pillar Point RV Park website where the "call to action" (come and stay) and many other features are located. Rather than trying to keep up with posting to Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks, Pillar Point just posts once on its own site and shares them with multiple social networks.  Total actual "reads" (read the summary and opened up the story) just went over 60,000 unique users and continues to grow daily.

4.  The Pillar Point RV Park website is not only meant to attract RVers to the park, but also acts as a concierge site for people staying there while  encouraging them to stay longer by showing them all that's available for them to do.  The "Categories" area on the left side of the screen tells people where to get groceries, medicine, best restaurants, things to see and do as well information about parks, hiking, biking, museums and other attractions in the area.   The post is not just a listing, but contains details, pictures and video in an effort to pique guests interest enough that they might stay an extra night to take in that particular place or event.  The posts also include all contact information, any "locals inside information" and easy directions on how to get there from the park. This concept has resulted many times in RVers extending their stays up to a week longer at Pillar Point. 

Terri noted, "I've seen many of our customers extend their stay for one more night or even longer, because of what they saw on our website and TV channel that they didn't know was in the area and they wanted to explore."

The "One More Night" concept really works.

5.  The Pillar Point RV Park on line video channel runs continuously on the website, but is also interactive so people can choose what they want to see if they want to take control.  These video clips are linked in with itunes and Youtube, but, if people want to watch them they link back to the Pillar Point site to watch the entire video.  The quality of the videos is the highest quality available on the Net and a step above YouTube and the other video social networking sites.

6.  Cable TV
-The Pillar Point RV Park has its own cable TV system and RVDream took one of those channels and produced "Pillar Point RV TV" which runs 24 hours a day in the park.  This has become very popular and it plays to inform RVers where they are, and what's around them, as well as interviews with other RVers who have been guests here and what they enjoy doing.   To promote the channel, Pillar Point set up an outside TV screen which plays during the day.  People pass by it throughout the day and go back to their RV to watch more.

7.  The Dog Wall
-Pillar Point RV Park is a great place for dogs. Not only are the beaches in front, perfect places for RVers to walk their dog, but Lorraine and Terri are also dog lovers and have created a very dog friendly environment. Pamela is the RV Dream still photographer and she began taking pictures of the dogs and posting them on the outside glass covered bulletin boards.  Now, every RVer wants their dog on the "Dog Wall" and, with hundreds of dogs on the wall, it has become the most popular viewing place in the park.  It has resulted in RVers feeling more like they are part of the park, and it has made a great difference in their returning to the park.  It is a marketing adage..people have a tendency to support what they have a vested interest in. When they leave, they leave behind, something of themselves at the park.

8.  Terri and Lorraine are featured in the beginning candid videos on the website. Many RVers have told both of them they feel like they already know them, even though they are coming to Pillar Point RV Park for the first time.  There is a marketing principle that people don't buy from companies, they buy from people. There is a second marketing principle and that is people have a tendency to support others they can identify with.  This has made potential RVers feel more like they are coming to a place they know, even if it is the first time they have been there. 

8.5 The videos and Posts are also informative.  Example: At Pillar Point, fresh crab off the boats that catch them is a big deal.  RVDream featured videos on how to choose a good crab, how to clean and cook it.  There is also a video showing people how to catch a crab off the jetty themselves, along with any state rules and regulations about the season and which crabs may be caught and which must be returned to the ocean.   RVDream has done the same at parks near vineyards...how to choose a good bottle of wine, how to tell if a bottle has gone bad, types of grapes, the season,history of nearby wineries and listed a vocabulary of various wine words and phrases that may be unfamiliar to some.

9.  The approach to both the Posts and the Videos are "candid but, professional." Both are shot with high end cameras and microphones and are professionally produced with state of the art software.  Bob and Pamela of RV Dream have spent many years learning this craft and producing professionally. But, as they are shot "on the run," there is no crew and very often it's a one or two person shoot.  This gives the video an honest, real feel to it, rather than a slickly produced video that sounds like a commercial.  "Personal Communication" is the key in everything done on the site..including videos, pictures and Posts. 

10.  Blog and blog often.  Besides the RSS feeds and different widgets that update the website continuously, there is generally at least one or more post and new video every day on the site. Being an active site has many rewards including consistently hitting the top of the search engines as the Google's of the world are attracted to active sites.  Besides writing about the park itself, there are limitless subjects to write about surrounding the park.  Hundreds of these posts are now out on the Net and even the oldest continues to build up numbers.  This is true of the videos as well. 

Website: pillarpointrvparklive.com
Website: rvdream.com

"Beware those who dare to represent themselves as 'social media experts'. Ain't no such thing. We are each and all making this stuff up as we go. There are no rules, no accepted best practice, there is only the opportunity of getting into the conversation." (Dave Martin, considered the social media guru for broadcasting)

Social Media marketing is one aspect of the RV Dream concept.  In-house concepts like the cable TV channel and "Dog Wall" are still another.  When it comes to social media marketing, this is a "work in progress" that requires the producer to keep up with new opportunities on a daily basis.  RV Dream will do that for you.

Every RV Park is different and has unique available talents and needs.  RV Dream is able to aid parks on various levels of the "New Radio" marketing concept.  At the least, RV Dream knows that RV Parks and other companies will get greater impact if they change to, or add a "live" site on Sharetronix and create their own high quality video channel on Sermon.Net/Edgecast.  RV Dream will set this up for you as a turnkey package.  This RV Dream New Radio concept is the simplest, easiest to use, less costly and least time consuming of any method RV Parks can choose, when they want to take advantage of  today's incredible marketing power.  RV Dream is looking forward to helping RV Parks anywhere in the U.S. set this system up and will help them operate it on an on going basis to make sure of its success. 

"We are very grateful to have finally been able to fully implement this concept," Bob Hamilton concluded, "We have learned a great deal we can share with other RV Parks.  It works!"

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