The definitive video guide to the
San Francisco Bay area is ready for RVers.

The RVing the Bay Area Double DVD set, produced by long time radio/music/TV/multimedia producers Bob and Pamela Hamilton, has been 2 1/2 years in production.  It is 8 hours of video chapters that are easily accessed via simple menus.  There are over 100 carefully researched and produced chapters on the two DVD set and includes extensive interviews with experts and location video from all over the bay.  This gives visitors a complete picture of, not only every key attraction, but some other fascinating locations as well.  It will give you every bit of information you need to get the most out of your experience in this magnificent place. It is particularly meant to be an aid to RVers, with video coverage on where to stay (over 18 RV parks around the bay are covered) and how to get around, with, and without a tow car. There are even complete chapters on RV service and RV rentals.

Disc 1 is mostly about San Francisco, from the Embarcadero to Lands End while Disc 2 takes you down the coast to Santa Cruz, travels through Silicon Valley, up to Sausalito, Marin, Napa and Sonoma. You'll then head to the East Bay as far as Fairfield with a bit of Old Sacramento and the beginning of the Delta thrown in.  

It is a candid but, professional delivery of the story of the bay.  
Viewers can watch the DVD's non stop or access what they want on the simple, but, extensive menus.

The Hamiltons are known for the production of the first CD-Rom on a major musical act with their "Heart-20 Years of Rock and Roll" and have worked with many artists over the years including Gloria Estefan, George Strait, Abba and many others.

As a special bonus, a private, exclusive. partner website will be unveiled this spring.  
People who buy the DVD will get a username and password for RVing the California
Coast/Bay Area website and get written details and directions to the chapters on
the DVD.  They will also be able to watch extensive videos from the DVD, on line.

You can get even more information and buy the RVing the Bay Area Double DVD set
at or buy now by clicking on this link.

Here is a 10 minute video demo

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