RVing The Bay Area Double DVD Set Has Finally Been Released....Created just for you

Have you ever gone somewhere on vacation and when you got back home your friends asked you if you had experienced "the most incredible (restaurant, museum, etc.)"  and you immediately wished you could go back?

Have you ever gotten to a location and despite thorough online research realized you had spent half your vacation figuring out where to go, and wasted too much time being lost?

Have you ever avoided traveling to, or visiting a place because it seemed  too daunting or unfamiliar?

Step away from the travel book
and outdated images on the Internet

and let your stress planning for a trip
in  the bay area melt away.

With the RVing the Bay Area Double DVD set, you have your own personal local tour guide to highlight the best of the best while giving you insider information on the most important attractions, restaurants, RV parks and museums that only a local could provide. A spot on this DVD cannot be bought….we only include the most amazing, friendliest,  accessible and important locations to ensure you have an incredible visit.

Local Insider Info: We not only have visited these places, but have lived in the area you're about to experience. We have personally visited each location, tasted the food, conversed with the locals and even gotten backstage access.  The RVing the Bay Area Double DVD set is years of research to make sure you have the finest, most complete personal companion to San Francisco and the surrounding areas.  

Tailor made for RVers:  Travel in an RV is a unique and wonderful experience, but often times guidebooks only cater to the traditional "hotel stay" traveler. For the first time ever, there is now a travel resource with the RV'er in mind. This includes information on what parks to stay in with special instructions on how to get there, and places to stay away from so you don't get stuck in the wrong place.

Made for Locals Also:  Even if you are an RVer who lives in the bay area, the depth of research on the entire bay will turn you on to some attractions and RV Parks you may not have visited.  And, it will give you background information that will make your visit to these places much more meaningful.

Incredible value with a treasure trove of information: The RVing the Bay Area Double DVD set is over 8 hours of video with over 100 bite-sized chapters that can be accessed in the blink of an eye. Together, the chapters tell the story of San Francisco, the coast, Marin, Napa, Silicon Valley and the east bay. Play a short video about an upcoming attraction you're curious about or press play and let the video run to get in-depth information about the area that you're about to explore.

Aside from opening the door to your rig to a local San Franciscan, you cannot have a better companion to guide your  trip to the bay area, there has never been a resource created like this before. The Double DVD set will be a great reference to you for years to come.  

So pop in the DVD, choose your favorite chapters and get ready to start tasting the delicious food, breathing in the salt air, learning about California's history and meeting new friends. You will not leave here the same person you arrived. Isn't that what travel is all about?

See more at RVingthecaliforniacoast.com or buy yours now at our secure servers by clicking here.

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