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by Bob Hamilton on 10/14/2016, 09:47 PM


Here's Who We are and Why We Want You to Support Us on Patreon

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WHO: Hello! We are married couple and business partners for 35 years; Bob Hamilton and Pamela Hamilton. We are both long time veterans of the Radio/music/internet industry. Our company today, is called, RVDream. The bottom line..We have reinvented ourselves! We left our home at the mouth of Carmel Valley in 2010 and became full time RVer’s. And more importantly we have passionately, dedicated ourselves to becoming the best at professional video production, writing and photography, creating quality works for our audience. While many other people our age have “retired” we have been inspired and are working harder, and loving it more than anything we’ve done in our lives. Okay...For the sake of brevity, we moved our 100 year “resume” to the bottom of the page under, “About Us”.

WHAT: We are producing a six part documentary/guide series dedicated to RVing The California Coast. We have traveled from San Diego to the Oregon line, conducting interviews and filming the stories so you can get a good feeling for exactly what that next RV park or attraction is about. With video, stills, graphics, music and voiceovers we tell you the history of the area, places to go, things to do, how to get around and the safest routes to travel.  and published RVing the Bay Area DVD, an 8 hour double DVD covering everything from Napa to the east bay, to Silicon Valley and down the coast to Santa Cruz. Now, we have finished filming almost all of volume 2 and 3, RVing the Monterey Peninsula and RVing the Central California Coast and are in post production. Each DVD (and a corresponding, private, password protected website) is chapter headed so the user can have the exact information they want on demand (or watch the whole thing as a movie). The RVing the California Coast documentary/guide production has become a mono-maniacle mission for us. 

WHY: There is no better, or more popular place in the world to RV than the California Coast. Besides the people who travel here from North America, thousands come here from all over the world, rent RV’s and travel the coast. Very early on, in traveling the coast ourselves we realized that many people who come to the coast from across the U.S. or overseas, have no idea about where to go or what to see when they get here. Research on the Net is very time consuming and often incomplete. We decided to do a professional documentary/guide titled “RVing the California Coast”. Because the California Coast has so many faces, we decided that a set of six documentaries would be needed...featuring the Redwoods/Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, The Monterey Bay, Southern California, Central California and one final DVD that would take the highlights from each. 

HOW: This is where you come in. So far we have personally financed this project with a (very) small retirement income as well as producing some outside projects (mostly for RV Parks). Our expenses include a place to stay in an RV Park, utilities, the essentials including food, technical expenses like software, websites, wi-fi and phones, traveling expenses, and production costs like cameras and peripheral tools.

With your Patreon pledges we could end our outside projects so we would be free to concentrate 100% on finishing production on the RVing The California Coast DVD's and websites, finishing it sooner, and then follow up with marketing our own product. 

With your Patreon pledges we could also upgrade our camera equipment in order to continue to increase the quality of our productions. 

In Return for your monthly support we have a great many patron only rewards set for you. We want to bring you along on the trip down the coast to not only share Patreon only videos and pictures, but, blog posts to let you know what is happening behind the scenes. And we will be part of an exclusive group of advisers that will help make this a project you will be proud to be a part of. Our patrons will be part of the closing credits on the DVD’s as well. 

ABOUT US: Starting in 1960, after 10 years on the air, mostly in Oklahoma, Bob left for New York City, headed promotion for two record labels, and then started the very first radio programming magazine for the business. We have been working in multi-media since we created New Radio Star, the first online service for the industry in 1982 and produced the life story of the group Heart on CD Rom in 1995. (The first such CD-ROM for the PC). 

Bob Hamilton was a Billboard awarded audio producer in Hollywood. The five books he wrote, and the many audio productions he produced for major music artists are now featured as “The Bob Hamilton Collection” in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library in Cleveland, Ohio. He also hosted “Fast Forward” and “Freeze Frame” on MTV and world wide channels in the 70’s 

Pamela Hamilton comes from radio as well. She left Minneapolis, MN to New York City to work on a weekly magazine for the radio industry with Bob in 1981. She provides voice overs and is a photographer and writer along with other creative outlets. 

In 2010, with our three daughters grown and on their own, we left our home of 21 years at the mouth of Carmel Valley and became full time RVer's. This was an opportunity to totally reinvent ourselves. So we did. We realized that some of the same video production software that is used in Hollywood was available for use privately. While we dabbled in video production in the past as part of our multi-media projects, the new Adobe Suite technology has allowed us to do It all in a 21 foot RV that we converted into a production studio. That vehicle, along with our 34 foot Class A RV, makes up our living and working space. (Pamela’s note:) Having two vehicles also keeps the peace between the two of us, being that we are together 24/7….if you understand what I am saying, ladies…. 

We named our company RVDream because so many people tell us that when they retire, or win the lottery, they dream about just jumping in an RV and taking off to see the beauty we have In the United States. So, RVDream is for all of us who RV and those who dream about it.