If its one thing that the Monterey Peninsula doesn't lack, it's restaurants!  You can find a special place for whatever cravings you may have. 

We list restaurants several ways....
1. By favorites, voted on by locals, hosted by the Carmel Pine Cone
2. By type of food
3. By specialty such as ocean view or dog friendly

If there is a restaurant you discovered that you really love, add it to the comment section below!


We o...

Here's a list of family friendly activities on the Monterey Peninsula...

Monterey Bay Aquarium 886 Cannery Row  831-648-4800

Monterey Zoo  400 River Road 831-455-1902

Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail (Catch it near Fisherman’s Wharf)

Dennis The Menace Park 777 Pearl Street

El Estero Boating (paddle boats) 798 Del Monte, Monterey 831-375-1484

Earthbound Farms 7250 Carmel Valley Road 831-625-6219

Kayaking at Elkhorn Slough 1700 Elkhorn Road, Watsonvil...

While you visit the Monterey Peninsula, you may also want to check out all the shopping that is available!   Here is a list of the shopping areas:


The Barnyard

Carmel Rancho Blvd & Carmel Rancho Lane

Restaurants, shops, florist, salons and more...

The Crossroads Highway 1 and Rio Road

Safeway, Ace Hardware, CVS, UPS Store and much more...

Carmel Plaza  Downtown Carmel

Tiffany’s, Carmel Coffee, Kate Spade, Sur la Table, The Cheese Shop, L’Occitane,...

Wine Tours and Tastings

Tasting rooms are located all over downtown Carmel and there are over a dozen

of them within walking distance of each other in Carmel Valley Village!

“Wine Trolley Tour” 831-624-1700

“A Taste of Monterey” 700 Cannery Row  831-596-4495

“Monterey Guided Wine Tours”  831- 920-2792

“Carmel Food/Wine Tour”  (walking tour downtown Carmel) 831-256-3007

Carmel Valley Wine Experience  831-659-4000

Local Vineyards

Folktale Winery and Vineya...

Here's something interesting I read in the Farmers' Almanac...

There will be NO FULL MOON in the month of February, 2018!   
How often does that happen?  ...only once every 19 years.   It appears that our
regular calendar and the lunar calendar don't always match up.  So while we had
two full moons in January and will see two full moons in March, there won't be one
in February.   The last time February didn't have a full moon was in 1999 and before t...


It might not seem like it, but the Monterey Peninsula is just a series of wonderful, but small towns.  How small town is it?  The lead story this week on every TV newscast and newspaper article this week, was an event that got almost as much coverage than the Concours 'd Elegance or the AT&T Pebble Beach Tournament.   The popular fast food joint, "In-N-Out" was going to open its doors for the first time on the peninsula!

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