Today at 9am, Z100 announced that The JOHNJAY AND RICH Morning Show will begin airing on Z100/KKRZ-FM.  On Tuesday, July 8th at 530am, Z100 becomes Portland’s exclusive station to air The JOHNJAY AND RICH Morning Show.

In the beginning, there was Tucson, AZ. It is the birthplace for what has grown to be the national and soon-to-be world phenomena known as the JOHNJAY AND RICH Morning Show.  After 7 years of waking up Arizonans every morning 5:30 – 10am, JOHNJAY AND RICH have developed into a well-oiled morning show machine ready to take their program to the next level. Their contagious humor and relatable quirks make the morning show a daily routine for many.

“We are beyond thrilled to bring The JOHNJAY AND RICH Morning Show to Portland” said Brian Bridgman, Z100 Program Director.  Z100 is an ideal home for them and this is a huge deal for the station!  Z100 Getting JOHNJAY AND RICH is like the Blazer’s getting Greg Oden – but without the knee injury.”

Z100 is the 4th station to carry The JOHNJAY AND RICH Morning Show which is currently broadcast in Phoenix, Tucson and Colorado Springs. 


  1. Anonymous
    corey I like what are you guys are doing but i wanted to call you guys one time but i didnt get all of your number and i allways listen to your guys station thanks p.s can you email me the number for your station
    on 02/09/2010
  2. flemming flemming mcsa 2008 city, and i used to listen to you on q104 in the mornings when i was 16. In fact, i was a member of th cciee (shhhh) 5:30 club, the club that can't be mentioned after 6, cuz that's when the bosses wake up. I loved you guys, and i'm so happy i found you on here! Glad you're still together, mcse dumps even if you are between radio stations. I hope you get another gig here, it's the only thing that would get me up at 530 every morning!70-536 exam
    on 05/10/2010
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