Radio One Philadelphia has named Charlamagne the new host of The Morning Beat show on WPHI-FM/100.3-The Beat beginning May 1st...

“Doing an all music morning show with mixer Bent Roc garnered some of the highest ratings that we’ve seen in the last year for our morning show on the Beat. We are presently #1 with woman 18-34 without doing a traditional morning show. Charlamagne will be brought on board to accent the current success of the “Morning Beat.” His commanding personality along with his internet savvy and his desire to be local will only propel this show to a higher plane. In honor of his first day we’ll allow Charlamagne to take over the station from 6am-10pm giving away $100 dollars every half hour as apart of him getting to know Philadelphia listeners on day one.” Says Elroy R.C. Smith- Operations Manager Of Radio One Philadelphia.

In the words of Charlamagne himself, he says: “Commanding my own morning show in a major market has been one of my dreams and this opportunity that has been presented to me just reinforces in my mind that I am walking the path that God wants me to walk.”

Charlamagne started out as an intern in 1999 and over the last 10 years he has held numerous positions within radio some of which include being the Co-Host of the nationally syndicated “Wendy Williams Experience” as well as being the current host of Dirt Law Radio in Columbia, SC.

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