- New co-host, Matt Walker, teams with the station’s afternoon host Scott
Simon to bring Miami new WKIS-FM Morning Show -

 MIAMI, Florida, June 1, 2009 – 99.9 Kiss Country WKIS-FM is pleased to announce that as of June 22, 2009, DJ Matt Walker will come on board, afternoon host Scott Simon will move to mornings, and the new morning team will wake up South Florida with the “Simon & Walker Morning Show.”  Operations Manager Ken Boesen becomes afternoon host, with Darlene Evans and Eric Brandon continuing as mid-day and evening hosts, respectively.

A 14-year radio veteran, Matt Walker comes to Kiss Country after hosting and producing a highly successful Hot AC morning show in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Previously, he spent several years in country radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is extremely excited to be returning to country radio as a member of the WKIS team.

“Matt Walker brings a tremendous work ethic and a new fun energy to the WKIS team,” said Ken Boesen, WKIS Operations Manager. “We’re very excited about Matt coming to Miami. He’ll be a great addition to our team.”

General Manager Joe Bell commented, “South Florida is in for a treat!  Simon and Walker are funny, entertaining guys who will help get every day off to a great start.”

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