To All Radio Superstar Members

It's break time! Hopefully, you are already on yours and won't read this until 2013.  This note is to let you know we are going with you and will not be publishing This Morning next week.  We will be returning to work on January 2nd and have a This Morning edition for Thursday, January 3rd.  We will, however, continue to update Insiders and the Calendar, so, if you are an  Insider please continue to report if you can and want to.

We want to take a second and thank you for the support you have given The Star for another year. We still enjoy doing it...have a passion for contributing the best we can to your show and are very grateful that you are continuing the ride with us.

We send you our greatest thoughts for a peaceful Christmas and holiday period to you and your family.  We are very aware of the hard work each of you put in to what you are doing and you deserve to take a rest.

Thank you..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bob and Pamela Hamilton

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