To all Superstar members

It was going to happen eventually.  And, now the time has come.  The Radio Superstar service will cease on March1st this year.  That will be the last edition of This Morning and we will shut down the Superstar website including Insiders.

The first thing I have to address in this email to you is the profound and very deep gratefulness Pamela and I feel when we talk about Superstar.  We began our first edition on October 1st, 1987 and many of you were there at the beginning to support the idea with your contributions and your dollars. We have been working on it every day since and existed only because you were there to be a part of it. To some of you, we are a "service" that you subscribed to.  But, to us, you were all people who we admired and felt honored to be able to work with. We consider many of you our close friends and part of our extended family.  That will never end.

To put together This Morning every night requires at least 20 hours a day between Pamela and me. We begin when we get up and work at it until 1:30 in the morning.  We also devote a good deal of time to our NewRadio idea...on line, video and audio...and our RV Dream New Radio station.  It has become too much and we have to make a decision about our own future in the creative world. Of course, broadcast radio continues to "downsize" and cut paying for services and we are much smaller today in membership.  From a business standpoint we see our future in New Radio...niche on line, video and audio.

So, we will continue to do This Morning and update Insiders and all the services until Friday, March 1st. At that time, we will send out our final invoices and shut down Superstar.  We hope you will help us finish strong. 

I have been in radio for over 52 years now...and my heart is melded to it. To me, it's not so much a transmitter and a studio as it is the people in it.  I am hoping, deeply, that with you guys, this is not the end of our relationship, but simply the beginning of a new chapter.  I am as passionate about reaching that audience as I have ever been. I just want to use all the tools that 2013 has brought us to make it happen.  New Radio Star as an information source about all the "industry" will continue and hopefully, we will now have time to do a better job on The Star.  The future to me, is the "new radio" and I am sure you are making that trek along with us.  I am hopeful that we can be of any more help to you in the coming days as we step into a full commitment to that future.

Pamela and I thank you eternally for your fantastic friendship and support.


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