To all Superstar members

We have sent out our final "This Morning" sheet.  As we announced to you a few weeks ago, we will no longer publish the overnight email newsletter. 

However, Radio Superstar will continue.  After having phone conversations with several of you it became apparent that the Star could still be a help to your show.  In fact, I believe it can even be a bigger help to you now and in the future.  Insiders will continue, the Calendar will be updated every day as usual and Today will be posted every night for the next day. I will also continue the Top Four Headlines and we will be adding some to various Groups throughout the day...though not on the level or the way we previously did, and not to Groups you don't care about.(Check out Phoners today to see an example of the new format)

Every Group is its own social network.   If you want to add something on any page, just click on "Create Post," on the top menu, add what you want and click "Publish Post."  You can add text, audio, video, pictures, embed Youtube videos, etc.  We will be adding to those Groups as we can, but hopefully, you will also.

If you are a member of the Star, but, not a member of Insiders, I urge you to become a part of it.  It's very simple and easy to add to Insiders and that's all that's required to be an Insiders member.  Just let me know you want to be a part of it and we'll open it up for you.  There are more great ideas on there for your show from other members than This Morning ever had.

We are very excited about having the time and energy to develop new concepts that will be of help to you.  With the long amount of hours we spent in the past 17 years of This Morning, it was like playing defense all the time.  By the time, we got that out each day there wasn't much left to be creative. That changes today and we couldn't be more jazzed about it.

Before I get too far in this email I want you to know that we have set up a private "forum" page just for Superstar members at . You can go there and quickly post any questions, feedback, ideas and things you would like to see on Radio Superstar. Only Superstar members can see this, so you can be very candid.  Of course, you can always email me as well, at either or 

I want to know what you used on the old This Morning newsletter that you will miss. We do not want to leave you without a help to you that you used and needed.

As we go forward (I thought "March 4th" was a perfect day to start) we realize this is all about your show.  Radio Superstar will exist only if it can help you do your show better. 

You know I like here's still another one for you on

Why Superstar will continue

1.  Those I have talked to you on the phone want it to continue

2.  We have saved every contribution, every post, every email report that has been sent to the Star since it began October 1st, 1987.  Many of those ideas still work today.  We will now have the time to do a better job of cataloging them so you can get to them quickly. It is the largest morning radio show idea library in the history of radio.

3.  Blogtronix/Sharetronix.  - If you are one of those people who thought of us an "overnight prep sheet" you have missed all the incredible capabilities of this wonderful system.  We keep up, every day, with the new ways to do websites and information deliveries.  And, even though we have been on this system five years now, it is still the state of the art.  It will give you instant and up to date information 24 hours a day.  If you are not using it, you are missing the very best system on the Internet.  All of New Radio Star, New Radio and Radio Superstar is on this system.

4.  As a result, using the tag cloud, categories and Search box you can get anything you want, not only from 26 years of Superstar, but, from about five minutes ago as well.  If you don't know what I am talking about, please call me or read our posts....It takes 2 minutes to understand it. The rap that this is "complicated" or "takes too long to find anything" is absolutely wrong.  The simplicity of New Radio Star's system today is what attracted me to the change.

Each group that was on This Morning continues to exist on the Star.  The difference is you have to go to, log on, and in the left hand menu of the opening page click to go to that group.  Or, if you are on any page on the Star just click on Groups at the top of the page and you can go anywhere else with one click.

Each Group is being updated 24 hours a day with the very latest information from around the Net.  We have placed those "feeds" on both sides of the pages.  For example, in the Top News group, you can see the constant feeds from every network, all on one page with links to any story you might want.  That's true of Hollystar, And Even More, etc.

If you are still hung up on the Email idea, you can create your own email feed with two clicks.  On any page, select "Notifications" in the upper right side of the page.  A box will open and you can tell it to email you when there are any new Posts and it will send it to you in your mail box.

This is all underway now.  Again, I will remind you to let me know if there is something important you are missing that you were getting on This Morning and we will try to fill any gap if possible.  And, please participate in the private discussion on

Pamela and I could not be more excited about the future prospects of continuing to work with you.



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