Steve McCoy

A T L  A  N  T  A

Did you notice how then orchestra would get louder and louder on the playoff music 

OPRAH found out she was rich last night.

Puns, Puns and too many puns last night Doogie

By the way, for those of you that didn’t stay up till the end…When Neal Patrick Harris opened that box ,he pulled out Gwyneth Paltrows HEAD!! 

The jokes were so bad,I really think Neal Patrick harris had a bunch of dads that he carpools with write the jokes last night.

Once again the Oscars were broadcast in HD. It’s amazing to see the face lifts, lipo and Botox look so real.

I think the Oscar for best special effects should have gone to Bill Cosby.

I was getting amped for the Nationwide commercial starring Haley Joel Osment that'll air during the Oscars.

HERE’S what I ‘d love to see on the Oscars. I was really hoping Lady Gaga would steal all the Oscars and gives them to troubled LGBT youth.

So the only black on stage last night was JACK BLACK.

Actually,I wasn’t very excited about the Oscars this year.Mostly,because i like my Oscars like I like my coffee… Black



Ya know, I don’t know why we send out Tv weather people outside all the time… Do they thnk we won't beieve them if their indoors!!I


I am severely underdressed for this weather. I only wore 12 layers.

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