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New Radio Star, owned by New Radio Star, INC.  is an on line information
source for, and about, radio, music and the internet.  New Radio Star went on
line on February 2nd, 1983 and has been updated every day since.  New Radio
Star is an outgrowth of the Radio Report magazine, begun in February of 1970.
The principles in New Radio Star are Bob and Pamela Hamilton, both radio
veterans.  Bob began as a disc jockey on KBEK in Elk City, Oklahoma in June
of 1960 and has been in both the radio and music industry since.  Pamela
began her career at KDWB in Minneapolis, where she spent several years before
joining Bob in New York in 1982 where they conducted music research and
published a weekly newsletter.

New Radio Star also owns Radio Superstar, the industry's original on line
morning show service. It was begun in October, 1987.

New Radio Star also believes that on line niche radio has a great future and now
owns and operates RV Dream Radio for the RV business.

New Radio Star Marketing has also been developed to help businesses and products
use social networking, blog marketing, SEO, SEM, podcasts, videopodcasts, as audio and video on demand to increase the traffic to their websites and products.

And, finally, to show how this new marketing program can help even local businesses, New Radio Star has Monterey Peninsula Golf Star for the golf world in Monterey/Carmel, California.

The New Radio Star studios in Carmel, California has state of the art video and audio production facilities


More about Bob Hamilton

Pioneer broadcaster, scientist, author, innovator, industry leader,
researcher, marketer, dedicated music lover!  For 50 years, Bob Hamilton has
performed, served and lived the radio/music industry. From falling in love
with the miracle of radio as a child, to becoming one of its' most innovative
leaders, he has lived and breathed the radio/music industry every day of his
life and continues to blaze the trail with a passion that has only increased
through the years.

In his resume comes a decade of being on the air, then, the first radio
programming magazine, historic industry gatherings, creation of the World
Premier concept in marketing music artists, the first online radio trade
publication and sharing network established in 1983, award winning radio
producer, video documentarian, the development of online niche radio,
podcasts and now, a leader in social and blog marketing for the radio/music

He is a rare combination of history and innovation with a continuing desire
to encourage the artist, whether in radio or music, to take advantage of the
opportunities this new world of communication offers.


Bob Hamilton (Extended biography)

Bob Hamilton was a disc jockey, program director and station manager in radio
in the 60s in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and later, Long Island and Phoenix.
In 1968 he moved to New York and was head of promotion for Roulette..Tommy
James hits Crimson and Clover, Mony Mony and Crystal Blue Persuasion were
under Bob Hamilton's direction.  In 1970, he conceived of, and began the
radio/music industry's first radio programming magazine, The Radio Report. It
was the leading trade publication in the early 70's, a format that Radio and
Records and others later copied.  In 1974 he sold The Report and returned to
college where he studied scientific marketing and experimental psychology,
having his own lab, studying music preferences at Cal State University in Los
Angeles. During that period of time he also conceived of, designed and help
begin Black Radio Exclusive magazine which continues today.  During that time
he became an audio producer for Chuck Blore Creative Services, winning
Billboard magazine's radio producer of the year award in 1975.  In 1978 he
joined with a group in Carmel, California to begin Fred magazine.  It was
there he began the World Premiere concept to introduce a new album, through
radio to the public, beginning with RCA and Jefferson Starship. These
productions/promotions were highly successful, and over the next 10 years did
the World Premieres and other promotions with RCA, Capitol, Columbia, Epic,
London, MCA, Warner Brothers and others labels. To support these projects he
also restarted the Hamilton Report newsletter from New York.  Also, during
this time he was host of TV interview show "Fast Forward" which was a weekly
feature with artist interviews on MTV and other worldwide television
networks.  He also wrote and published five books for and about the
radio/music industry. And, during this period he did weekly research for many
record labels. Besides the World Premiere projects, he did smaller
promotional projects including the "Cue Cards." These were interviews with
artists, with their story put on postcards that were sent to thousands of
radio stations. Bob also produced the first life story of a major artist on
CD Rom with Heart, titled "Heart-20 Years of Rock and Roll." This production
was pioneering in the amount of high quality audio and video put on a CD Rom.
He also has produced DVD documentaries for morning radio.

In 1983 he and Pamela were exposed to the "on line" concept and began Radio Star, a trade
publication on world wide computer networks.  New Radio Star moved to the
Internet in 1994 and continues today.  There are many services on New Radio
Star for radio, including Radio Superstar, the original on line morning show
service. In 2007, New Radio Star moved to the Blogtronix Social Networking
platform where it is today.  The past two years has been the development of
New Radio Star Marketing..utilizing blog marketing, search engine
optimization, podcasting and videocasting.

Bob has also spent the last six years or so, concentrating on video
production and has a state of the art video/production studio in Carmel.

Additionally, New Radio Star maintains a database of about 5500 U.S. and
Canadian radio stations and has the ability to mailblast general managers,
program directors and morning shows.

Artists Bob Hamilton has worked with on major projects

Jefferson Starship
Hall and Oates
Paul Anka
Moody Blues
REO Speedwagon
George Strait (two projects)
George Jones
Oakridge Boys
Miami Sound Machine
Gloria Estefan (two projects)
Abba (two projects)
Spice Girls
Kenny Loggins
David Bowie
Juice Newton
Willie Nelson
Waylon Jennings
Heart (three projects)
Men at Work
The Motels
Grammys (was also first host of the Grammy webcast)
Marty Stuart
Jimmy Cliff
Peter Tosh

With smaller projects with hundreds of artists such as

The Beach Boys
Celine Dion
Duran Duran
Phil Collins
Michael Nesmith
Wayne Newton
Dave Navarro
Eddie Money