Radio Superstar Live! The Week Ahead-June 8-12

by Bob Hamilton on 06/06/2009, 08:14 PM

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Radio Superstar Live..."It's a stream as opposed to a page or document"

New Radio Star's "Radio Superstar" The Week Ahead

Check out our "Ten goals of a morning radio show" on today's Radio Superstar front page...

It's National Headache Awareness Week..a relatable to just about every
listener you have...Some unique phoners in the Star's PHONER section

And, it's International Clothesline Week...actually, a hot topic because
hanging your clothes outside saves money and energy use from the dryer.
But, there are homeowner rules that prohibit it and even one opponent
saying it cuts property values by as much 15%...Good controversy here..
We have extensive coverage on this in both PHONER and LIST...

...More Weeks in Radio Superstar Calendar

Also, school is out so those students will be hitting your phones..
some ideas about how to deal with that all week on Radio Superstar

And vacations are starting..phoners, lists, on the street and more
all week about vacations..

Here's a look at the Day by Day Week Ahead
Monday-June 8

It's Upsy Daisy Day and Best Friends Day

TV-The Closer is back, Nurse Jackie debuts and Kathy Griffin returns

Julianna Margulies is 43..we're spotlighting her..hundreds of original
Superstar spotlights you can use for your show as well as your website...


And over 18,000 celebrity birthdays in Weekly Calendar

Tuesday-June 9

Donald Duck's birthday...

NBA Championship game 3

Stanley Cup Finals..Detroit Red Wings leads Pittsburgh Penguins 3 games to 2
and could win the Cup tonight in Pittsburgh

and we're spotlighting Johnny Depp..he turns 43...

More celebrity birthdays in Weekly Calendar

Wednesday-June 10

National Yo-Yo Day...

We're spotlighting Jeanne Tripplehorn..she turns 46...

Thursday-June 11

It's Superman Day...

U.S. Open Golf tournament begins in Farmingdale, New York

NBA Championship Game four...

Movies this weekend...Eddie Murphy's Imagine That, Sam Rockwell
and Kevin Spacey in Moon, and The Taking of Pelham 123 starring
Denzel Washington John Travolta John Turturro

and we'll be spotlighting Hugh Laurie who turns 50..

Friday-June 12

Analog TV broadcasting ends in the U.S.

It's Crowded Nest Awareness Day..and Loving Day

Marv Albert turns 66, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 23 on Saturday...


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