New Radio Star Superstar-Something to Share

by Bob Hamilton on 11/08/2012, 02:22 PM

12:24pm PST

Good Afternoon Superstar members

I was just doing some updates on the Star for Friday and wanted to share something with you that you might find interesting.  When we started the Radio Superstar service just over 25 years ago, we began a database of On this Date in History and another of celebrity birthdays.  The celebrity birthday theory was to give you only people we thought might be worth talking about, rather than a mass of people.  As for the On this Date in history concept, I believe there are dates from the past that can turn into things to talk about as well...(hard to believe that the Beatles first single was released 50 years ago this week, for example.)

We have been into database programming for a long time, so we began constructing both of those databases, over 25 years ago.  And, like this week, we have been adding to that database several times a week..without fail. As of today, the birthday database is at 19,018 entries.

But, something we are even prouder of is the On This Date in History database.  It is now at 22,895 events.  We didn't steal this information from the last 25 years, we wrote the stories ourselves, and added it to the database as we did. We have taken only the stories we thought were significant and might be important to you.  

This On this Date database is now the largest in the world.  Not Google, not Microsoft, not the History channel, not even Wikipedia, is as big...and, we believe, it's not meant to be just "big" but, of high quality as well.

And, you, Superstar members are the only people who have access to it.  So, just thought it might slip by you as you as you see it each day on our Calendar...and Today reports.  Thought you might like to know, you have exclusive access to the world's largest On this Date database...We typed in the events 22,895 times...and are continuing to add to it...

Okay, for whatever it's worth..hope you're getting good use of it...