Here are some of the photos I took this past Memorial Weekend at the San Lorenzo Regional Park and RV Park.   Family, volleyball, bean bag toss, water balloons and squirt guns, BBQ and plain old relaxing in the shade.  

One of our new friends, Jeff!  He loves it whittle and is currently working on slingshots made from the branches of trees he finds on the ground.  Some are silky smooth, others have texture while some have specific markings.  A man and his dog, sitting in the shade, just whittling away....

This photo actually deserves a funny caption.   Leave one in the comments section below if you think of one.   This tri-tip smelled as good as it looks.

Kids at the water nozzle with balloons!   You know what's up next!

San Lorenzo Regional Park/RV Park has lots of open grass fields for kids and adults alike to play on.  

Stone's throw to Safeway, Rite Aid, Dollar Store and well as a host of mexican and american food style restaurants...for your grilling nights off.  

Some of the Jimenez Family reunion-ites!   A great time was had by all!!

Here is a family that came from not so far away, but loves the trees and the atmosphere of San Lorenzo Regional Park/RV Park.   We had fun talking with them and found out that wherever they go, they take "Bernard McKinley" with them....the green gnome!  He has been around the country and the world.  So this is the photo that shows he was at San Lorenzo Park on Memorial Day.  We think it's just perfect for his scrapbook!

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