Drive out of San Lorenzo RV Park in King City, turn right onto highway 101 north, then 10 minutes away, take a left exit off the freeway at Hobson, and you're at the very unique, Scheid Winery.  Tasting of their fine wines takes place there 7 days a week from 11 AM to  5PM.  But, it's not just a wine tasting room.  They do it all here.  Right across the road is one of their beautiful vineyards and they have a series of labeled vines on the property so you can get up close and personal with the grapes themselves.  At harvest time the grapes come in by truck and are processed,l bottled, aged and stored right here.  If you want a complete tour you have to call a week or so in advance but you don't need a big group to do it. It's a beautiful setting with an incredible rose garden, bocce ball court and a nice patio for an outside picnic to go with your wine.  

For San Lorenzo RV Park visitors, Scheid is just the beginning of the southern end of the "River Road Winery Tour"...if you make a day of it, you can keep going north and visit incredible wineries along the way with a quick stop off at the Soledad Mission.  

Here is our RV Dream New Radio Video Visit to Scheid
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