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We begin with the top four headline stories...

J.K Rowlings seventh and final volume of the fantasy series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" set a new record for selling 8.3 million copies in its first 24 hours in the U.S. alone.....it averaged 300,000 copies in sales per hour... in its first day of release.  The official price was $34.99, although it generally sold for half that price.  "The excitement, anticipation, and just plain hysteria that came over the entire country this weekend was a bit like the Beatles' first visit to the U.S.," Scholastic president Lisa Holton said in a statement Sunday. Scholastic pulled off a distribution masterpiece, as the book was not only available in book stores but just about everywhere you looked..from 7-11's to gas stations.  Border's said they sold 1.2 million copies in the first 24 hours...also an all time record for that book chain.

A bus carrying Polish pilgrims from a holy site in the Alps missed a
curve and plunged 65 feet onto the banks of the La Romanche River near
Notre-Dame-de-Mesage, France yesterday.  The bus burst into flames
killing 26 people and injured an estimated 15 people. A similar
accident in 1970 prompted a law that requires a permit to travel the
7% grade five mile stretch of the road, but the bus that crashed
yesterday reportedly had no such permit.

Iran has accepted an invitation to sit down in Baghdad to talk about Iraq
and how to bring peace there.  The first, very low level discussion between
the two was at least amiable, which prompted the level of diplomats to
go up to the ambassadorial level.  At least part of the meeting will be
to warn Iran against continuing its support for militants.  Iran, which,
like Iraq has a majority Shiite Muslim population has denied any military
involvement in Iraq.  But, the U.S. still holds five Iranians who they
say were bringing in military equipment, supplies and fighters to aid
the insurgents.  Meanwhile, Iran continues its nuclear program and the
U.S. is still running a huge naval exercise just outside Iran.

Eight South Korean officials arrived in Kabul yesterday to work on new
negotiations with the Taliban to free 23 hostages.  The Taliban extended
their demanded deadline until Monday morning to turn over 23 Taliban
prisoners in exchange for the South Koreans.  U.S. and other international
forces had surrounded the Qarabagh district in Ghanzi where the South
Korean civilians were being held. The militants kidnapped the Koreans
while they were riding on a bus from Kabul to the southern city of Kandahar, where they live and work, some at medical facilities.

SPORTS..After leading the British Open for three straight days, and entering the fnal day with a three stroke lead, Spaniard Sergio Garcia fell into a string of bogies and opened the door for Irishman Padraig Harrington.  Garcia still had opportunity after opportunity to put Harrigton away but just could not make a putt.  On the 17th hole, Harrigton fell apart, putting two shots into the water and giving Garcia the lead back after grabbing it from him by one stroke.  All Garcia had to do on 18 was to putt a four footer and his major was in the bag.  Instead, he missed the putt, sending the Open into a four hole playoff.  Harrigton took an early 2 shot lead but stumbled on the fourth hole giving Garcia another chance to send the match into sudden death.  Instead, Garcia missed a makeable putt and Harrigton became the first Irishman in 60 years to win The Open.

Here's a sound clip after the match..Harrington first..then Garcia


Responding to a report of a gunman inside a home, police circled the Hayle,
Cornwall house for five hours.  Then, giving warning for the last time, stormed
the house. A police dog rushed upstairs and, finding a woman in bed, proceeded
to sink its teeth into her arms. But as armed officers surrounded a terrified
Sonia Pellow, they realised two things. First, she wasn't a gunman. Second, she
was deaf and had been sleeping throughout the entire stand-off.  Even though the
call was a hoax, Pellow, 36, was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully possessing
a firearm but was released without charge. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall
Police said the matter would be investigated if she made a complaint.

University of Zurich researchers say they have created a spray that can relieve
people of shyness and help them socialise with others. They say the spray can
boost self-confidence just by squirting it up the nose. The researchers say that
the spray harnesses the powers of a feel-good hormone called oxytocin, a
neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in social recognition and
bonding. The hormone is produced naturally by the body when a person is in love,
and it also induces labor in pregnant women and affects the part of the brain
that controls fear. University researcher Dr. Markus Heinrich presented the
findnigs at the World Congress of Neuroscience in Melbourne. The researchers are
now planning to conduct large-scale trials of the spray. If the trials prove
successful, the spray may be launched in the market in the next five years.

A commercial fisherman caught a disturbing item in one of his nets.  Barry
Hunter, 58, discovered a skull in his catch and it wasn't just any skull, but
according to DNA tests, the skull of his friend and fellow fisherman, Brian
Allison, who had disappeared three years ago when his boat sunk in the North
Sea. "It was a very eerie feeling to be standing there on your boat with a skull
in your hand. "And then you find it's one of your mates who went missing all
that time ago. "When I first saw it, the thought did cross my mind for a split
second that it could be Brian or Rob. It's unbelievable."

Zoey, the Chihuahua, certainly is a hero in the West family.  One year old,
Booker West was splashing in a birdbath at his grandparents house in northern
Colorado when a rattlesnake slithered up to the baby and flew forward to bite
the child. Five-pound Zoey jumped in the way and took the bites. "She got in
between Booker and the snake, and that's when I heard her yipe," said Monty
Long, the boy's grandfather. The dog required treatment and for a time it
appeared she might not survive, but she did. "These little bitty dogs, just
don't really get credit, they deserve" he said.


for the weekend of July 20-22

Here's the Top 10 chart:

1. Chuck And Larry ..........$34.8 million
2. Harry Potter Phoenix..... $32.2 million
3. Hairspray ................$27.5 million
4. Transformers .............$20.5 million
5. Ratatouille               $11.0 million
6. Live Free Or Die Hard .....$7.3 million
7. License To Wed ............$3.8 million
8. 1408                       $2.6 million
9. Evan Almighty              $2.4 million
10. Knocked Up                $2.3 million

Televangelist, Tammy Faye Messner, died on Friday morning of inoperable cancer,
CNN's Larry King announced on Saturday night. She was 65. Messner had appeared
as a guest on Larry King Live on Thursday, looking almost like a skeleton and
saying that she could no longer swallow food. "She had a very peaceful death and
is no longer in pain," Messner's son Jay Bakker said Saturday.  She was cremated
on Saturday and buried in a private ceremony. Asked by Lrry King what she would
most like to be remembered for, Messner jokingly replied, "well, my eyelashes."

Eric Braeden, better known as the ruthless tycoon, Victor Newman on "The Young
and the Restless" for more than 25 years, received a star on the Hollywood Walk
of Fame on Friday.  Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, a friend and fan of the
show, and former heavyweight boxing champion Ken Norton were on hand as star No.
2,342 was unveiled. Braeden, 66, joined the cast of the CBS soap in 1980. (His
real name is Hans Gudegast) Braeden co-founded the German-American Cultural
Society, which aims to promote a positive, realistic image of Germans in the
United States and advance German-Jewish dialogue. He has been honored by the
German and Israeli governments for his efforts.

Victoria Beckham isn't shy in offering up her hubby in order to get what she
wants.  According to a report on E! Online, the former "Posh Spice" was so
desperate to secure spots for her kids, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz into an
exclusive L.A. school, she promised that soccer star, David Beckham would lead
gym classes, for free!  Even more unbelievably, baking cakes!

Lindsay Lohan is in dance training for her new movie, "Dare To Love Me." 
According to People Magazine, Lohan, complete with alcohol monitoring ankle
bracelet, is learning how to dance the Tango. The flick is about Tango legend,
Carlos Gardel, who was involved in a steamy romance with a prostitute, only to
have his world shattered by a bullet that kills her and leaves him crippled with
a fragment in his lung for life. The movie is set in Buenos Aires in the 1920s
and centers on Gardel and the mysterious woman. No word on Lohan's exact role in
the film.

Al Gore's son, Albert Gore the Third,  has been charged with felony
drug-possession and other charges stemming from his July 4th speeding stop. 
According to law enforcement, Gore had 140 Vicodin pills and "dozens" of other
prescription drugs. If convicted on all charges, Albert Gore III faces up to
three years and eight months in prison. Gore may opt for a drug diversion
program instead of jail.  His arraignment is set for Aug. 1st in Laguna Niguel,

And speaking of Al Gores....Daddy Al Gore, the second, the former Vice
President, raked in around $100,000 for a recent 75-minute speaking engagement
at the University of California, San Diego.  According to thesmokinggun.com, his
"rider" included first-class air travel for himself and one companion; $1,000
per day for incidental expenses; security guards; and an
environmentally-conscious vehicle for all road travel.  Gore also demanded that
there be no press, video or audio taping of his appearance, and that he has full
approval over all banners, logos, and handouts of any kind.

Jack Black, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and a returning Sideshow Bob will help
animate the 19th season of "The Simpsons" this fall. The season begins Sunday,
September 23rd with the voice of Lionel Richie who composes a customized version
of "Say You, Say Me" after Homer saves Mr. Burns from drowning. "Sopranos" and
"Fargo" star, Steve Buscemi, will play a bank robber on the following weeks'
episode. Kelsey Grammer will make his 10th appearance as the homicidal Sideshow
Bob. His "Frasier" co-stars David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney will join him as
Bob's brother Cecil and their father. Among the other guest voices lined up for
the season include  tenor Placido Domingo, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, a
returning "Weird" Al Yankovic, Matt Dillon, Kurt Loder, Beverly D'Angelo, Maya
Rudolph and Topher Grace.

Dallas Cowboys great, Emmitt Smith, has signed on as a celebrity endorser for
the Arthur Murray ballroom dance school. Smith and his wife, Pat, will be
featured in TV commercials, print media and radio spots talking about the
benefits of learning to dance The NFL's all-time leading rusher and three-time
Super Bowl Champion took first place on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" in the
2006 competition.

FOX has ordered an additional 13 episodes of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!"  FOX has
also ordered up fourth seasons of Gordon Ramsay's reality cooking show "Hell's
Kitchen" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

The 1970's CHiPs tv star, Erik Estrada, says that even though he played highway
patrol officer, Punch, he never passed his motorcycle license test. Estrada, now
58, had to hurriedly arrange a bike test when he was assigned to the California
Highway Patrol for a new reality TV show. And it took him three attempts to pass
before he could appear on "Back To The Grind" which gets actors to try their TV

Did you ever wonder how bikers who are racing in the Tour de France go to the
bathroom during long stretches of the race?  They just keep pedaling, whip it
out and let it loose while they are racing. TV cameras are supposed to turn away
in respect of their privacy. Unfortunately, one Tour de France rider's nature
break was broadcast on live television around the world, including the Versus
network in the U.S.  So that's how we knew.

Page Six says Erin Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham on "Happy Days," would be
more famous today if it weren't for her mother. The actress told retrocrush.com
she was up for the lead in "The Exorcist," but said her mom wasn't going to let
her play the part whether she got the role or not because they were very strict
Catholics.  The part went to Linda Blair.

Fox's "24" is getting woman president. Actress, Cherry Jones, will play the role
of President Allison Taylor.   Jones is perhaps best known for her appearances
in the M. Night Shyamalan films "Signs" and "The Village." Her most recent TV
credits include "Clubhouse" and an appearance on "The West Wing." Previous "24"
presidents have included Dennis Haysbert's David Palmer, Geoffrey Pierson's John
Keeler, Gregory Itzin's Charles Logan and D.B. Woodside's Wayne Palmer.

"Full House's" Jodie Sweetin has tied the knot in Las Vegas. Sweetin, 25, and
Cody Herpin, 30, got married on Saturday, July 14 at the Little Church of the
West on the Vegas Strip, according to a marriage certificate filed in Clark
County, Nevada. Sweetin was previously married to police officer and semi-pro
tennis player Shaun Holguin.  The actress is best known for playing little
Stephanie Tanner on "Full House."


Rain in southern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin to start the day...some rain just off the New England coast..moving down to the coast of North Carolina...some rain in northwest Washington state as well...By midday rain will move across central Florida and that coastal rain in the northeast will move ashore in the Philly, Baltimore, DC area....By tonight that rain wil move across Pennsylvania...heavy in some places with thunderstorms...rain along the gulf states..from Florida to southern Mississippi..rain will cover much of Tennesee as well..rain in west and south central Texas..Arizona will get rain over most of the state and some rain in western Utah and eastern Nevada as wll..rain will continue in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa..heavy at times...Coolest in the northeast with a 70 in Boston, 72 in New York and 73 in Washington, D.C. and the northwest where Seattle's high will be 72...Still into the 100's in Montana and the Dakotas..92 in Minneapolis, but 83 in Chicago and 84 in Detroit.  80s in the southeast and florida..80s in the center of the U.S...upper 80's to mid 90s in Texas...Vegas will get up to 102 but Phoenix will stay at 98...70s down the west coast, but triple digits over the southern California deserts.
Dfiance Ohio

WOODY HARRELSON is 46 today.

BORN:  July 23, 1961

     Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was born and raised in Midland, Texas.
His mother was a devout Presbyterian legal secretary and his father, who left the family when Woody was three, was first convicted of killing for hire when Woody was seven.  Ten years later his father was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for killing a federal judge.  Harrelson began acting while in high school.  After high school, Harrelson attended Hanover College.  Later he understudied in Biloxi Blues on Broadway and was briefly married to Neil Simmon's daughter, Nancy.  Harrelson made his film debut in Harper Valley, P.T.A. (1978).  In 1983, he landed a role in the television sit-com "Cheers" which lasted for ten years.  Harrelson's career made a leap with his role in the film White Men Can't Jump in 1992. Films that followed for Harrelson include Indecent Proposal (1993), Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers (1994), Money Train (1995), Kingpin (1996) Sunchaser (1996) The People versus Larry Flynt (1996) Kingpin, Wag The Dog, Welcome to Sarajevo 1997, Palmeto, The Hi-Lo COuntry, The Think Red Line in 1998... Woody is an activist..he was arrested for planting hemp seeds in Kentucky five years ago and about three years ago he was arrested after he climbed the cables on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge demanding that the government protect northern California's redwoods forests.  Woody has cooled off a bit...his EdTV in 1999 was a bust and Play It To The Bone in the same year, had only moderate success. He was in American Saint in 2001 and Scorched 2002.  In 2003 he had a role in Anger Management. In 2004 he was in She Hates Me and After The Sunset...2005 was The Big White, North Country and The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio..Last year he was in A Prairie Home Compaion and A Scanner Darkly... This year he's in No Country for Old Men, The Grand and The Walker.. Coming up for either later this year or next year is Transsiberian, Sleepwalking, Battle in Seattle and Semi-Pro..all currently in post-production..He is set to do a voice in Bolt in 2008...Woody married his former assistant, Laura Louie in 1998, and they have three children.  He and Laura have a social/environmental website at www.voiceyourself.com

Here is the first seven minutes of The Walker


(We watched TV for you last night)

Day 20
Dick is Head of Household.  One of his first statements were: "There's
gonna be blood splattered."
The guys feel that it's better to have someone who will stab you in the back in
front of your face rather than from behind.
Zach believes his alliance with Kail is done.  Kail talks to Mike and asks him
why he didn't tell her he was changing his vote.  He said he just decided to go
along with what the osue was voting.  She asks him the state of their alliance. 
Dick's room is red and black and full of photos of him as a young guy with a
very young Danielle.   Kail goes to Dick to explain why she flipped her vote on
him.  She explains about her alliance.  He tells her she made the right choice.
Dick had initially thought he would put up Jen and Kail, but he's gonna watch
and wait and see who starts to destroy themselves first.
Eric challenges Jen to a wrestling match.   It was a pretty intense match and
the match ended with Jen winning.  Eric didn't know she was so competitive.
Zach is shocked when Nik says he has a list of top 5 famous guys that he thinks
are visually appealing.  Zach and Dick give him such shit He tells Danielle that
he used to have to a top 5 list until he met her.  Danielle is uncomfortable
because although she likes Nick, she has a boyfriend at home that she is crazy
in love with.
Danielle and Dick meet at night at the hammock to discuss stuff.  She tells him
that she has feelings for Nick and says she doesn't want to hurt anyone.  She
says that her boyfriend, Chris, is the only one who has always been there for
her.  He reminds her that when they get out of the house, she may find her
feelings for Nick may not be real.  He then tells her she can depend on him,
that he will always be there for her. 
Dick is moved to tears and is upset that he doesn't have the perfect thing to
say when he talks to Dustin about it.
Amber gets weepy when she sees that Jameka is having a hard time downing her
"slop."  Dick says something about starving children in Africa and Jameka then
mentions that starving kids could be in Asia or any other poor country. She
tells Dick that she feels the pressure of being the only black person in the
house.  She's never lived with white people before.  She feels she has to put
forward a positive image of her entire race.
Two HUGE bowls of pasta.  There are two slides into the pasta bowls.  In the
pasta bowl are giant meatballs (basketballs) with words of foods written on
them.  Two at a time, house guests slide into the pasta bowl and then the two
must match the meatballs with the same food item.  They only have five minutes
to gather as many food items as possible.  At the end, the whole thing turns
into a giant pasta fight.
Who should Eric get nominated for eviction?  He's told Jen.
Now, his orders are to become a secret vandal.  America is asked who he
should steal from.
Kail asks Dustin if it is true that Barney (the dinosaur) is gay.  He tells her
that Barney is a fictional character and probably doesn't have a sexual
preference.  Kail says that the way she feels about gay people hasn't changed,
but she likes Dustin.  He has a good heart.
Dick tells Zach that Kail outed him and the alliance out.  Zach reminds him that
he voted for him.  Dick says that he just jumped ship when Zach found out that
the house was voting 6-1 to get Joe out.
Nick talks to Dick about the nomination in the HOH room.  He tells Dick that he
told Danielle about the alliance.  Nick also tells Dick that he has true
feelings for Danielle. Dick tells him that he's really messing up Danielle's
life right now and that if he's playing her, he's playing him.  Nick assures him
he's not playing anyone. Dick feels it would be easier if Nick was out of the
Nominated for eviction are:  Kail and Jen
Jen because she put him up for eviction next week. Kail because she lied and
deceived him.  Sge shakes her head no, but Dick says "you can shake your head
no, but you did lie to everyone in the house."  Jen says she's been nominated
for eviction, but she doesn't feel any different.
Marc Summers (Unwrapped) hosted the live in-studio audience finale. There was a
recap from the beginning of the series, taking a look at ALL the contestants.
Jag and Rory were the two finalists in the running for the title of The Next
Food Network Star, however, when Jag admitted he lied about his qualifications,
he withdrew from the competition, which let Amy (the San Diego woman who trained
in France) was brought back into the contest.
Rory lives in Vega, Texas and lives with her cowboy boyfriend, Clay on his
ranch.  She's also opening her own restaurant, the Boot Hill Bar and Grill in
town.  The cable television company in the town of Vega didn't even carry the
Food Network channel, so when she got on the show, the town banned together and
demanded that Food Network be added.
Amy loves the beach in San Diego and wants to make sure her kids grow up to love
the beach as well.  Her two kids are named Indiana (boy) and Scarlett.  She
lives on the same property as her parents and brothers and sisters.
The 9 other contestants come out on stage.  Everyone looks happy, except Jag
who is obviously feeling ashamed and that he missed out.  He gets prolonged
hugs from several of the contestants.
There were som unseen clips of them pulling practical jokes on each other and
basically laughing a lot.  Mark and Adrien briefly show off their dancing skills.
Emeril Lagasse makes the announcement of who will start work tomorrow on their
new show for Food Network.
Winner:  Amy Finley


Holly Hunter stars as Grace, an Oklahoma City police detective whose personal
demons are catching up with her. But she has a real angel -- yes, the heavenly
kind -- named Earl to show her how to get her life back on track.
Frank is back, with blackmail on his mind and his eye on Lois' fortune.
Margene's mother takes a shine to Nicki. Bill plays Roman and the Greenes
against each other in his efforts to get his hands on Weber Gaming.
Covers highlights from a four-day celebration held last month in Nashville. Reba
McEntire returns for her first CMA festival in 11 years; also on the bill are
Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley, LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson and
many more.
I DO...AGAIN 7pm (TLC)
This new special profiles a very real couple, Jim and Brenda, who are on their
way to the altar accompanied by five teenagers -- two of his and three of hers.
And the home they are all moving into has only one bathroom.
Julius lends Chris a pair of socks that turn out to be "lucky."
Leading up to the return of Nextel Cup racing to ESPN on Saturday, a five-night
NASCAR documentary run begins with "The Explosion," a look at the sport's boom,
notably in the last 10 years. On Tuesday, "The Dirt" delves into stock car
racing's dirt track days; Wednesday's "The Cars" spotlights the evolution of the
stock car; the sport's risks are noted in "Speed and Danger" on Thursday; and
Friday's "The Families" chronicles racing's royalty.
After talking Marshall (into asking the girl from the coffee shop on a date,
they look at her a little more closely and see "psycho" in her eyes. But it's
Lily who goes ballistic when she gets a look in "Swarley."
David Letterman - Drew Carey; Nikki Blonsky; Grinderman.
Jay Leno - Aaron Eckhart; Julie Scardina from SeaWorld;
           musical guest Common.
Craig Ferguson - Glenn Close; Jeffrey Ross; the Saints.
Conan O'Brien - David Hyde Pierce; Kate Mara; Dr. Dog.
Jimmy Kimmel - Debra Messing; Justin Long, Kelly Rowland performs.


Volkswagon’s child navigation system is essentially a rear DVD screen with a
simplified representation of the route, plus special descriptions of scenes
along the route. A time worm on the screen eats away at the length of the route,
so the children can see it decreasing. A cartoon character on screen plays games
and asks the children to do in-seat exercises and even goes to sleep when the
kiddies are napping.
Set your hands free as you work on your computer.  Use your feet to control
the mouse and buttons!
Video game.  Caution:  Intense bread on butter action!
Make the sandwich and take a virtual lunch break


How many goal posts are there on a Quidditch pitch?
What birthday does Harry celebrate in the first book?
What are used as the primary means of personal communication in the wizarding
Where was the boa constrictor going when Harry let him out at the zoo?
How many points is the Golden Snitch worth?
What creatures feed on positive human emotions?
What number bank vault contains the Sorcerer's Stone at Gringotts?
Who was killed by the Basilisk?
 Nearly Headless Nick
 The Grey Lady
 The Bloody Baron
 Moaning Myrtle*
How many fouls are there in Quidditch?
Who enjoys a lively game of head juggle?
 Nearly Headless Nick
 Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore*
 The Fat Friar
 Sir Nickolas De Mimsy-Porpington
How many times was Nearly Headless Nick axed in the neck?
How many players are on a Quidditch team?


Summer Camp Stories

It's that time of year when parents everywhere heave a sigh of relief as
they send their little ones off to summer camp. Actual excerpts from kids
letters from camp:

Dera Mom &  Dad, I'm not a bit homesick. Some of the kids are. The ones who have  dogs.

Dear Mother, I am scribbling this note standing up because last night my
bunk burned down. Nothing much happens here.

Dear Mom, There is  a hundred and fifty boys in this camp. I wish it was a
hundred  and forty-nine.

Use these to seed the phoner and ask listeners for summer camp stories from their youth.


What is your pet afraid of?  My puppy's afraid of dandelions, Led
Zeppelin music, the vacuum and my electric toothbrush.  My friends big old
Golden Retriever turns into a meak mouse and runs into the hose whenever anybody touches a water hose...We opened the phones and this turned out to be hilarious!  Great calls.


PHONE POLL: We found women that carry fake engagement rings to slip on in case they are being hit on by some loser guy.  They take them off if they are approached by somebody they would like to meet.

We asked if women were still doing this and was kosher.  We also talked to many women who said many guys aren't deterred by a wedding ring. Better yet...ask the ladies how they dismissed guys.  A surprising amount of women still use those fake phone number rejection lines..


Bug Mom and Work:

Easy bit that we haven't done in awhile.
We were clearing out some old ideas and thought this was very funny.
It's simple. It's Summer and it's HOT.
Too hot to really go out and play outside right now.
Most summer camp is already over.
These kids are just waiting for school to begin bored out of their
minds and their parents are beside themselves.
Look for someone around 12, 13 or 14 to give you a call.
They are home for a few hours and know their mom's number.
Just have them call and insist that they are bored. Over and Over and
over again.
Don't have them say anything else at all.
They win when mom looses it and goes off on them.
Good times.


What Won't You Ever Do Again?

I'll never leave the light switch on while installing a ceiling fan again.
This was a fun one for us.
We could have gone all morning.
My favorite was from a woman.. who spoke very well.. incredible vocabulary
and said.
I'll never light my own fart with an open match again.

She told us her and her husband do it nearly every night.
Why.. that's every guy's beautiful dream but she said there was a backdraft deal and the large flame nearly shot right back up her buttocks.
She's lucky to be with us.


Summer Camp

              We sent our goat boy on an area Kids summer camp tour. Not
just to drop off t-shirts and other freebees, he had to spend the night
in each camps accommodations (cabin/tent/etc). Very funny bit.    We
also had him organize a camp talent show with a big prize and a huge
response. Killer stuff for the recorder.


Still time to do this...

Stuff the Bus
We teamed up with a local shelter here to Stuff a School Bus full of school
supplies for the underprivledged kids.  We collected, crayons, folders, book
bags, markers, paper, everything. It was nice to talk to some listeners who
as a kid were to poor to have school supplies, much less new supplies, who
were now adults and bringing bags of stuff for the kids.


How's Little League going for you?

Here the coach's tips on how  to survive the little league season and turn  your  team into a winner. 

-Do  not draft any kid who has a father, mother,  grandparents,or
lives with any adults who might come to watch him play.

-The neater the kid, the cleaner the shoes, the newer the  glove,
the worse the kid plays.

-Never  offer to drive a kid home. The ones who need rides  never
live near you and they never know how to get to your house.

-Tell the fattest kid on the team that he is the catcher. This is
how we keep the sterotype alive. You have an obligation to do so.

How to beat your opponent:

-Forget  what  you see on TV. You only have three  kids  who  can
really  play. Bat them 1-2-3 in th lineup. They get up more,  the
team  scores  more, you win more. You're a  genius.  Cleanup?  An
interesting  concept. People with concepts rake the  field  after
the game.

-The way to beat 10 year olds is to make them throw the ball  and
catch it. Most of them don't do either very well. If a kid gets a
hit, tell him to keep running. The fielder has to throw the  ball
to  the next base where someone has to catch it and make the  bag
while  keeping  the  ball in the glove. Guess the  odds  of  THAT

-Pretend  you feel sorry for the opposing pitcher when  he  walks
six  batters  in  a row. Try not to laugh when you  tell  him  to
'relax, take your time, and just get it over.'
Want  to  see  a  kid walk TEN batters in  a  row?  Tell  him  to
'relax,take his time, and just get it over.'

-Just like you only have three hitters, you only have three  kids
who  can catch the ball-usually your shortstop (your  kid,  since
you're  the coach), your pitcher (thereby costing you  a  fielder),
and  your first baseman(maybe). Remember who is in  the  outfield
and  why  you  put them out there in the first  place.  In  other
words,  anything  your shortstop, pitcher or first  baseman  can
reach is theirs.

-Finally,  select a good looking mother to keep the score  during
the long lonely season. Oh, you would rather share the bench with
someone who has a knowledge of the game?


With kids out on their own and school starting soon here's a list of tips parents can teach their kids regarding attempted kidnappings

-give children permission to disobey an adult who may
want to hurt them. The moment they're snatched, they
should struggle to free themselves and run away.

 - if a stranger says he has lost his dog, or needs
help, he may be telling the truth. But, children should
first ask a parent for permission before they agree to
help an adult whom they don't know.

-to call for help on a phone, dial 911, say "help" then
put the phone down on a table and move away. The
disaptcher will automatically know the caller's
address, seeing a victim on the phone will anger a

-when fleeing a meanacing stranger in a car, run in the
opposite direction to which the car is moving. Chances
are, the driver will not make a u-turn. -when approaching adults for help, use the Celcro Technique. Grab an arm or leg and do not let go until
the adult responds to your plea.

-If trapped in a moving car, it's okay to open the door
and get out when the car is not moving. Don't do what
the bad guys says, which is to sit there. If the door
is locked, jump in the back seat and try the other

-if trapped in the trunk, disconnect the tail lights by
pulling out the wires. you've increased dramatically
the chances that police will stop the car.

-Don't carry toys, or wear clothes with your name on
it. Kids are more likely to resond to an adult who
knows his or her name.



According to Forbes Magazine, this city has the most snowfall in the U.S. on a regular basis...


Blue Canyon, California


1.  Most Lighting - Orlando, Florida
2.  Rainest (277 days w/rain) - Hilo, Hawaii
3.  Driest (17 days w/rain) - Yuma, AZ
4.  Snowiest (240 days w/snow) - Blue Canyon, California
5.  Most Humid (83%) - Quillayute, Washington
6.  Windiest (15.4 mph) - Blue Hill, Massachusettes
7.  Coldest (36.4 degrees avg temp) - International Falls, Minnesota
8.  Hottest (77.7 degrees avg temp) - Key West, Florida
9.  Most Variety of weather - Springfield, Massachusettes
10. Least Variety of weather - San Francisco, California

SELL YOUR HOME FOR FENG SHUI: A Complete Guide to Staging Homes for Quick Sale

Dealing with the ups and downs of the housing market is an ongoing challenge for
real estate professionals or anyone trying to sell a home. What works one year
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an exciting new tool for selling homes with their book, "Sell Your Home with
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Realtors across the country have come to appreciate the unique opportunity
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present a home in the best possible light. It contains full-color photos of
staging techniques, success stories and a quick reference guide to use as a

Simple and straightforward, "Sell Your Home with Feng Shui" allows the seller to
utilize the principles of Feng Shui without years of study or having to hire a
professional. According to the authors, "Using these techniques does not require
a large financial outlay or a lot of time and effort. Often, simply shifting the
placement of what is already present in the home can do the trick."

Coverdale, a certified Feng Shui consultant, began her studies in transcendental
energy in 1999.

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US President George W. Bush underwent a successful colonoscopy Saturday. It was a simple procedure in which a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube was inserted through the anus to examine the colon. Unfortunately doctors could not retrieve the camera because they could not find an exit strategy. (Pedro Bartes)

At the soccer game debut of David Beckham on Saturday, wife Victoria Beckham never took her sunglasses off even though darkness was falling on the stadium..reportedly she was afraid to take them off and find out that nobody still recognized her...

After watching Sergio Garcia at the British Open yesterday have to believe Gary Player was right..today's players are using steroids...Garcia was hitting every putt 200 yards past the hole... 

The Wisdom of Older Women

When I had been married 40 years, I took a look at my wife one
day and said, "Honey, 40 years ago, we had a cheap apartment, a cheap car,slept on a sofa bed and watched a 10 inch black and white TV, but I got to sleep every night with a hot 25 year old babe.
"Now, we have a nice house, nice car, big bed and plasma screen TV, but I'm sleeping with a 65 year old woman. It seems to me that you are not holding up your side of things."
My wife is a very reasonable woman. She told me to go out and
find a hot 25 year old babe, and she would make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap apartment, driving a cheap car, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a 10 inch black & white TV.
Aren't older women great? They really know how to solve your
mid-life crisis...

Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension and you get a
headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children"

The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in college was my blood alcohol content.