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We begin with the top four headline stories...

As if the Dallas traffic didn't have problems on a normal day it was further complicated yesterday as a series of explosions occured at a gas facility near downtown.  Three people were injured as flaming
debris rained down onto highways and buildings.  A half mile area around Southwest Industrial Gases was evacuated and that included interstates 30 and 35 as the explosions continued for over an hour.  A check late yesterday showed those heavily traveled freeways were still shut down hours after the blasts which began around 9:30am.

House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers continued the salvo against the White House he has been firing since the election led the way for another take yesterday that may wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Committee voted to issue contempt of Congress charges against White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and former legal counselor Harriet Meiers because they refused to testify over the firings of U.S. Attornies.  The White House invoked "executive privilege" and instructed the two not to testify.  Conyers said if the subpoenas were ignored Congress would lose its ability to get anyone to testify before any committee including his.

*In Iraq they have Sunnis against Shiites..in this country it's the
 White House against Congress.

Two suicide car bombs went off in the middle of a celebration of Iraq's victory in the Asian Cup Semifinal match yesterday.  At least 50 people were killed and more than 135 wounded by the blasts.  The soccer victory over South Korea gave Iraqis a rare chance to celebrate and they took
to the streets..but joy turned into death and sadness as the bombs went off. Iraq is playing Saudi Arabia in the finals on Sunday and Iraqis have been saying it shows the mixed make up of the teams shows the country's rival ethnic and religious factions can united despite years of sectarian violence.

..and illegal immigrant champions are cheering. The number of National guardsman will be reduced from 6,000 to 3,000 nationally as planned. It will drop from 2400 to 1200 along the Arizona/Mexico border.  The pullout will be completed by September 1st.  One year later the program will withdraw all Guardsmen.  Jennifer Allen, director of Border Action Network, a Tucson-based immigrants' rights organization said "We're glad that the number of troops is decreasing, but it would be even better if there were no National Guard on the border." Allen's point was the Guard had forced illegal immigrants to cross in more remote areas.  The Guard has helped in building fences, roads and manning stations behind the scenes. They have also had an impact in spotting people trying to illegally cross into the U.S.  The Border Patrol has applauded the Guards work..since they arrived more than 8,200 apprehensions were made and 46,849 pounds of narcotics seized as a result of groups spotted by National Guard helicopters, for example.

*It was just too hard on the illegal immigrants not to have sidewalks to walk over, however..


If you've got high high cholesterol, you might want to stay away from air
pollution. That's the message of a new UCLA study linking diesel exhaust to
atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, which significantly increases
one's risk for heart attack and stroke. Published in the July 26th edition of
the online journal Genome Biology, the findings are the first to explain how
fine particles in air pollution conspire with artery-clogging fats to switch on
the genes that cause blood vessel inflammation and lead to cardiovascular
disease. "Diesel particles are coated in chemicals containing free radicals, and
the fatty acids in LDL cholesterol generate free radicals during metabolism in
the cells," said first author Ke Wei Gong, a UCLA cardiology researcher. The
researchers' next step will be to convert the genes' responses to the
pollutant-cholesterol combination into a biomarker that will enable physicians
to easily evaluate air pollution's effect on health, especially cardiovascular
disease. Once a biomarker is developed, a simple blood test can be used to
measure a person's exposure to determine if they require medical intervention.

New research suggests that obesity is "socially contagious" and your overweight
friends could be making your fat! A study of more than 12,000 people found that
having an obese friend increases the risk of becoming obese by up to 57%. Having
an overweight brother or sister increases the chances by 40% and having a heavy
spouse by 37%. The Harvard Medical School research, published Wednesday in the
New England Journal of Medicine, found that even having a fat friend hundreds of
miles away can affect a person's weight. "It's not that obiese or non-obese
people simply find other similar people to hang out with. Rather, there is a
direct causal link," said Professor Nicholas Christakis, one of the study's
authors. Gender also had a profound effect. People with an obese friend of the
same sex had a 71% increased risk of becoming obese. If a man's brother was
heavy, his chances of becoming obese increased by 44%, while among sisters the
risk rose by 67%   Among friends and siblings of opposite genders, there was no
increased risk. Obesity expert Professor Boyd Swinburn, from Deakin University,
said: "There are quite strong correlations in body size between siblings but
it's not just contagious. There's a bit of genetics in there and a bit of common
family environment, so there's lots of other forces that can explain that as

Taser has released the C2 for sale at retail stores on Monday, a consumer
version of its stun gun. Chairman Tom Smith and president Kathy Hanrahan on
Monday appeared on NBC's Today Show to promote the stun gun that comes in
different colors, including pink, and fires two wires up to 15 feet. The wires
carry 50,000 volts that temporarily incapacitate a person but travel about 20
feet less than the law enforcement version of the weapon.


Matt Damon received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on
Wednesday.  He's star number 2,343. 

Starpulse is reporting that R&B star, Usher, is planning a secret weekend
wedding with pregnant fiancee, Tameka Foster, at music producer Antonio 'L.A.' Reid's Hamptons estate in New York on Saturday. According to a source, the two want to be married before Foster gives birth. The couple announced they were expecting a child together last month.

Kelly Clarkson says she has only ever kissed five boys - because she is scared of catching herpes.
The 25-year-old singer insists she doesn't like smooching because it's too "personal" and she is always worried about what she might catch from potential suitors. She said in an interview with Blender magazine, "I have major trust issues. I don't make out with people. That's a waste of my kisses and my time. And it's so personal - it's, like, my face. Plus I'm afraid of mouth herpes!"

Paris Hilton has added yet another pooch to her brood of pets on Wednesday, a new Chihuahua from Pets of Bel Air in Los Angeles. The store is the same one where Britney Spears bought a $3,000 Yorkie puppy less than two weeks ago.  Earlier on Wednesday, rocker Fred Durst and his son came into the store and purchased a Chihuahua as well.

Whoa, turn it down a notch in what is now becoming a public squabble between Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Matt Leinart, and his one time USC college sweetheart and baby mama, Byrnn Cameron.  Cameron complained this week that she is doing 99% of the work with their 9 month old son, Cole, while Leinert is taking all the glory. Leinart has now responded to People magazine saying that he has been wanting to spend more time with his son, even seeking help from the courts to do so. "I also really care about his mom and would never say anything disparaging about her" but then ads... "I don't know if Cole's mother is motivated by anger or by financial gain, but it is my sincere hope that one day we will be able to effectively co-parent our son who we both love very much."

"Scary Spice," Melanie Brown, says that the original plan with her then
boyfriend, Eddie Murphy, was to marry after the birth of their now 3-month-old daughter. "This was a completely planned pregnancy," Brown, 32, said in an interview that appears on Essence.com.  Brown gave birth to the baby, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, on April 3rd, and always contended that Murphy is the child's father.  DNA tests revealed in June that Murphy is indeed the child's father. In the end, though, Brown says she wasn't sure if her and Murphy's lifestyles would have meshed. "There were certain things that went on in his house with his lifestyle that I wasn't prepared to be a part of," she says. Comparing her life to his, she adds, "I have a house where it's about my kids and me. I don't have people knocking on my door at 3 and 4 in the morning."

Britney Spears' behavior at a photo shoot at OK! magazine has everyone's tongues wagging.  Word is that those at the shoot were shocked when she wiped her fried chicken-grease-covered hands on a $274 dress and let her puppy poop on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown.  The photographers and staff claim Britney allegedly fled the shoot wearing $12,861 worth of jewelry, a $974 Vera Wang dress, $380 Lanvin heels and a $281 Pucci scarf. When the clothes she ruined are added, the total
comes to $21,267. According to insiders, Spears was asking for $1 million as well as control of photographs and editorial content. But since the shoot was canceled, OK! paid her nothing.

If you watch Comedy Central's Roast of Flavor Flav on August 12th, get ready for some language.  Although segments of roasters using the N-word (11) were cut, the you will still hear the word "bitch" used 16 times; "pimp," 14 times; "ho," 12 times; "whore," seven times, "crack," five times, and "hookers," three times. Charming...

Actor Luke Wilson had to change his cellphone number this weekend after his friend, Johnny Knoxville hired a plane to fly across LA's beaches trailing a sign that read, "Luke Wilson's phone number 310-500-0082." Apparently, it was his real number. It's now out of service. But Wilson decided not to hang at the beach, probably because he had to deal with all the annoying calls.

Former "Price Is Right" host, Bob Barker called Drew Carey shortly after the announcement that the comedian will be the new host of the long time tv game show. "I'd like to have you take a long vacation, maybe even a month or two before you start, because I'm getting paid for re-runs," Bob joked to Drew on the phone.  Carey says he did not audition for the show and hasn't even been on the show's set yet, but adds that he thinks producers made the right choice!

You've got to hand it to Beyonce.  She tripped and fell down a flight of stairs at her concert in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday night.  But the star barely missed a beat, got up and continued Click to play!to singer her little heart out! You sure can't keep a good woman down.   After she finished the song, Beyonce asked the audience if they would please refrain from posting the incident on YouTube...yeah, we love ya, but ...right.

In case you missed it Tuesday night, Rob Schneider Click to Watchsubbed for Lindsey Lohan on Jay Leno.
Dressed in a little black dress, thankfully with bicycle shorts underneath, and a black ankle bracelet that contained a
bottle of booze.  Schneider stepped inat the last moment when Lindsey, scheduledto make an appearance, was arrested
early Tuesday morning for her second DUI.



Heavy rain in central and northern Wyoming this morning..heavy rain also in northern Indiana and northwestern Ohio.  By midday rain in northern Minnesota, West Virginia, the eastern half of Tennessee, parts of Georgia, the southern half of Florida, southern Louisiana and south Texas.  That rain in Minnesota will move south and intensify by tonight..rain in southern Arizona also..in the east rain will develop along the Carolina coast...An even warmer day across the U.S...Low 80's in the northwest..high 80s in the northeast..92 in Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis and Dallas...only up to 78 in Detroit but 80s over the rest of the upper midwest, the Mid Atlantic and the southeast.. Florida will be in the low 90s..The rest of Texas will stay in the 80s but into the 90s in the rest of the southwest..102 in Las Vegas..Phoenix only up to 99..80s in the mountain states..70s down the west coast...

1Spotlight for Thursday, July 26, 2007-Kate Beckinsale

by newradiostar on 25 July 2007, 22:10 PM

Categories : Kate Beckinsale


KATE BECKINSALE is 34 today...

Born July 26, 1973..Her father was a BBC casting director and famous TV
actor in England...but he died when Kate was only 6..so her mother raised her and her five siblings.....Kate had a troubled childhood as she dealt with anorexia. But as a teen she twice won the W.H. Smith Young Writer's compeition for her short stories and her poetry.  Kate wanted to follow her father into acting and she was 18 when she got a major role in the TV movie Once Against The Wind.  Kate went to Oxford to study French and Russian literature..and while still a student she made first mark in the movie Much Ado About Nothing (1993)...Kate left Oxford after her third year...She got another strong acknowledgement in 1995 when she starred in Cold Comfort Farm.  In 1997 she starred in Shooting Fish which became the third highest grossing film ever in Great Britain.  Also in 1997 she starred in A&E's Emma.  She got great reviews for her role in The Last Days of Disco in 1998 and starred opposite Claire Danes in Brokedown Palace in 1999.  In 2000 she was in The Golden Bowl, 2001 was Pearl Harbor and Serendipity. In 2002 she was in Laurel Canyon, 2003 it was Underworld and Tiptoes...2004 she played Ava Gardner in The Aviator and Anna in Van Helsing.  Last year she was in Underworld: Evolution and Click.  This year she stars in Snow Angels and Vancancy.  She has completed two movies scheduled for release in 2008.. Whiteout and Winged Creatures...Kate gave birth to a daughter in 1999..fathered by long time boyfriend Michael Sheen..she and Michael broke up and she married film maker and video music producer Len Wiseman in 2004. Word is Kate is in talks to play Valerie Plame in an upcomingmovie about the CIA leak fiasco in Washington.


(We watched TV for you last night)


Tonight was different from the shows in the past in that each of the dancers
performed a solo dance...The same dance, with the same costume, with judges and
viewers hoping to see each dancer put their own spin on the dance.   Also, names
were drawn for new partners and each of the remaining five couples performed as

Solo Critique:

Jamie: The judges complained that Jamie appears to have only one emotion and
       even though she has beautiful lines, she doesn't appear to be growing.

Dominique: He showed good emotion, but technically, he was lacking.

Sara: She's small, so she needs to dance big, but overall the judges liked
      her performance.

Pasha:  The judges thought he looked stiff and proved that he's out of his league.

Lauren:  She was the first to hit the beat every time.  Judges think that she's
         really blossoming in the competition.

Neil: You have big shoulders so he has to watch that.  It was danced beautifully
      but lacking in emotion

Sabra:  She is small, but she dances big and covers all the floor.  After her
        solo, Mary just bowed down with the "We're not worthy" motion.  Mia
        tells her that she's her favorite.

Kameron: I have felt let down by your performance in the past couple of weeks,
         but not tonight.

Lacey: You have everything.  All the judges loved her

Danny:  The judges continue to chip away at whatever seems to holding Danny
        back from showing his emotions in his dancing.  It was better tonight
        and he was the only one who put his own spin on the dance.  The judges
        say that he has the potential to be a dancer who goes down in history.


Sabra and Kameron danced Contemporary.  The judges note there is no chemistry
between the two.  Kameron is warned about improving his extentions and Sabra
is told she is perfect.

Lacey and Danny do a Samba.  Lacey makes sweat bands that have their two
names combined.  Danny + Lacey = Dancey   While some of the judges loved
their sexy dance, others were disappointed because Lacey had too much emotion
while Danny had none.

Jamie and Dominique do a Vienese Waltz but they put a spanish twist and a Paso
Doble twist on it.  The judges thought that Dominique was so over the top in
his performance that it looked like a cartoon.  The noted no chemistry and told
Jamie to close her mouth because she looked like she was catching flies.

Neil and Sara did a disco dance.  Neil did lots of flips and lifts of his
partners.  They looked like they were having fun, so everybody had fun.
The judges loved it.



Top Five Finalists and finishing in this order.

5. Lucille Ball (Suzanne La Rushe)
4. G.W. Bush (John Morgan)
3. Blue Suede Shoes Elvis (Donny Edwards)
2. Frank Sinatra (Sebastian Anzaldo)

1. Winner:  Heartbreak Elvis (Trent Carlini)



The three inventions moving on into the finals are:

1. The Backless Bra
2. The Guardian Angel
3, Printable, buildable remote control cars/airplanes etc.

Not going on were:

The Claw bicycle rack
The Tea Maker that sits on a coffee maker
The WrapAway which houses paper towels, wax paper towels, etc.


One houseguest is evicted and a new head of household is crowned

British mentalist, Derren Brown, will have you convinced that he can read minds.
This new six-episode series showcases Brown's unique talent in a variety of

Marin tries to help Patrick and Buzz build a bond, but according to Celia, they
already have one: They're related.

This competition, starting its second season, has the coolest prize yet: The
winner is immortalized in a comic book and an action figure of the superhero he
or she has created. But first, the contenders have to prove themselves worthy to
comic mogul Stan Lee. This year's wannabes include Hygena, who fights crime with
cleaning supplies; Mindset, a telekinetic time traveler; and Hyper-Strike, a
martial artist with something extra.
Lana panics when someone sends her a photo taken while she was getting dressed.

As a boy, Earl tormented Pierre, a French exchange student, so mercilessly that
he fled home to France. Now Earl wants to bring Pierre back to make amends and
show him what a great country the United States is.
CSI 9pm (CBS)
Grissom asks a known sex offender to help him catch whoever abducted two boys.

This latest entry in the real-people-at-work sweepstakes is set at the Parker
Palm Springs, a posh resort catering to the rich and famous.  See how the
employees deal with the requests of their guests.


David Letterman - Sharon Osbourne; the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Jay Leno - Michael Moore. Musical guest Perry Farrell's Satellite Party.
Craig Ferguson - Aaron Eckhart; Hanson.
Conan O'Brien - Jeff Goldblum; Ivanka Trump; Pete Yorn.
Jimmy Kimmel - Robin Williams; Hugh Rowland and T.J. Tilcox. T.I. performs.


Mother cat takes on raising chicks with her kittens.

The 101 best Facebook applications in the world today

Top 25 ads of the past 25 years

If you liked Harry Potter, then here's a list of other books you might like.


Today is National "All or Nothing Day!" So time to play...

All Or Nothing Thursday

3 questions, get em ALL correct or you get NOTHING:

1.  Over 15% of us say we've almost caused an accident by doing this while driving.

(Picking our nose)

2.  For the average woman the age is 31.  That's the age that ________.

(Their beauty peaks.  Easy, sister. That's according to Allure magazine,
which says a woman's physical beauty is at it's peak at 30.9 years of age)

3.  We were scolded for this as a child, but now that we're grown up we
still do it an average of 3 times a day.

(Stand in front of the fridge with the door open)


All or Nothing Thursday

Our most recent questions...

1.  In 1979 this person was the second most recognized person in the world.
(Colonel Sanders)

2.  Although 64% of people say they've never done this, 15% claim they do it
'once or twice a year'.  What is 'it'?

(Mooning.  Here's the breakdown:  Once or twice a year 15%, 3 to 10 times a year
5%, habitual mooner 5%, recovering mooner 11%, never 64%)

3.  This question is usually asked nine times before the answer changes from no
to yes.  What is the question?

("Mom/Dad, can I get  that___________ ?"  A consumer group in the States found
that nine was the 'magic number at which parents seemed to realize there would
be no peace until they gave in.  Eleven percent of 12-13 year olds admit to
asking their parents more than fifty times for products they've seen


All or Nothing Thursday

(They have to get all 5 correct.  We only tell each caller how many they
got correct, not which ones.)

1.  What's the most popular plastic surgery procedure for
2.  There's more divorce in this state than any other.--Nevada
3.  The most often purchased brand of coffee is this.---Folgers
4.  People surveyed say this is the most stressful event one could
experience.---The death of a spouse.
5.  According to statistics, 2000 women a year have to be rescued by
paramedics from this.---Falling into the toilet.


All or Nothing Thursday

1. in relationships, 20% of all men say they've ended one this way.
     a: over the phone.
2. 50% of married women say they'd never do this again.
     a: marry the same man.
3. what has four legs, but only one foot?
     a: a bed.
4. who has appeared on the most number of t.v. guide covers?
     a: lucille ball.
5. this person was a tuna fisherman, a rodeo rider, a pilot, a middle east - »
     a: jobs that elvis had in the movies.


All or Nothing Thursday

1.  In a recent study of mental abilities, women received lower test scores
if they were..... what?

(Wearing a swimsuit.  Researchers asked the women to try math problems while
wearing different articles of clothing, and they theorize that feelings of
shame and inadequacy caused the women to give less attention to the
questions when wearing bathing suits)

2.  Over 80% of married people confess they do this if their spouse is away.

(Sleep on their absent partners side of the bed.)

3.  According to a survey in a prominent men's magazine, this is on the rise
for men.  12% of men did this in 1998 and 28% do it today.  What is "this"?
(Going without underwear)


All or Nothing Thursday

1. who is Gracie Beddle?

        a: the 11 year old girl who told Lincoln to grow a beard.

2. The post office started this practice on july 1st, 1963, and it continues today.

        a: zip codes.

3. This has been proven to cause cows to give more milk.

        a: music.

4. According to "mens health", doctors are most often asked to tell this lie.

        a: note for sick leave.

5. This occupation will shrink the most during the next 10 years.

        a: farming.


All or Nothing Thursday

1.  According to a new study, it's 40 hours for women and 6 hours for men.

(The number of hours a baby adds to their weekly workload)

2.  This is true for one quarter of the briefcases taken to a job.

(The briefcase contains something for self-defense)

3.  Stats say more women than men have stolen this.

(Money from their kids piggy bank.  25% of parents say they've taken money
from their kids' stash, and within those numbers women did it more often
than men).


Football season gets underway with the Hall of Fame game a week from Sunday...and then the floodgates of exhibition season will open, then college football will hit...which brings to mind this phoner...

Sports widows....anyone listening ever dumped a guy because of his sports obsession, or at least thought about it? Who is dealing with the worst sports fanatic in their household?


Oscar the 2 year old cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, who has grown up in the dementia center has correctly predicted the deaths of 25 patients there.  If Oscar comes in your room and curls up besides you, you only have a couple of hours at the most before you die..ever see any pet able to predict deaths..or storms..or anything else?


Do you think people are born to be inventors..that it's in your blood?  Last night's American Inventor was down to the final six with $50,000 each to develop a final product..pretty good huh?  What have you invented that you think the world should know about?  How much do you think it would take to create a final product?  Maybe there is someone listening who wants to help you....(tell 'em to make sure they have a patent or it copyrighted somehow before you put them on the air)


What would make you turn around and go home?  You get five miles down the road...on your way to work or some other place and realize you forgot _____________. Are you that dependent on your cell phone?..Your iPod?  Your laptop?  Your false teeth...?  Your toupee?.....What would make you turn around and go home if you forgot it?


What's the last thing that he did for you that he thought was romantic but
it actually wasn't?


Stunt Guy has just crazy over the Food Network and now he's got it in his head that he's going to become a chef..he's been working on some new dishes ("gross" dishes, we might add) and now he wants to try it out on the listeners.  He's set up his own little mini cafe on the street corner and has invented listeners to drop by and try out his new food inventions.. "Dining with Stunt Boy" every Friday...


We sent "Stunt Guy" out on the street with a scale to try and guess listeners weight and then see how much difference there was between what they weigh now compared to what their driver's license says they weigh.  We gave prizes to everyone, but the one who had the biggest difference and the one who was the closest won the big prizes.  It was a good street stunt and had an excellent turnout.  Try it and have some fun!


Forbes Magazine: The Most Expensive Sports Collectibles

1. Mark McGwire 70th Home Run Ball (1998) $3,005,000

2. Honus Wagner Baseball Card (1910) $2.3 million

3. Joe DiMaggio Journal $1.5 million (starting bid from Steiner Sports)

4. Babe Ruth Bat - First Home Run At Yankee Stadium (1923) $1.265 million

5. Babe Ruth Sale Contract (1920) $996,000

6. Babe Ruth All-Star Game Home Run Ball (1933) $805,000

7. Babe Ruth World Tour Uniform (1934) $771,000

8. Babe Ruth Jersey (1933) $657,250

9. Henry Aaron's 755th Home Run Ball (1976) $650,000

10. Shoeless Joe Jackson "Black Betsy" Bat $580,000

11. Lou Gehrig Yankee Uniform (1939) $451,541

To see photos of the above mentioned collectibles, check out this website:


Florida is spending $80,000 dollars on this for inmates.


Playing cards.

However, the cards bear the pictures of missing children and victims of unsolved
murders. The theory is that some bored bad guy playing Texas hold ‘em in the
joint will recognize one of these victims and drop a dime on his jailmate.


According to the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 4 out of 5 people
seeking cosmetic surgery have been influenced by this...


In the study of how reality television affects plastic-surgery patients four out
of five people seeking cosmetic surgery in the study said they’d been "directly
influenced" by shows including "Extreme Makeover," E!’s "Dr. 90210," MTV’s "I
Want a Famous Face" and Bravo’s "Miami Slice."

More than half of the patients said they watched at least one such program
regularly, and most admitted that the shows had played a significant role in
their decision to go under the knife.

Doctors performed about 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures
last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

There were about 9 million less-invasive nonsurgical procedures, like Botox
injections and laser hair removal, in 2006.



Selected by instructors, textbooks and course materials provide college students
the information and resources they need to do well in class. However, many
students come to college unprepared for their expense.

Smart shopping strategies can have a big impact when shopping for textbooks. The
National Association of College Stores offers the following suggestions:

1) Buy "used" books whenever possible, which could save you 25% off the cost of
a new textbook.  College stores strive to provide as many used textbooks as
possible, but they often sell out quickly.

2) Know your store's refund policy, especially the deadlines. This way, you
won't be disappointed if you need to return items to the store if you drop a

3) Keep your receipts. Most stores require receipts for returns.

4) Don't write in your books until you're certain you'll be keeping them. Most
stores will not offer full credit for books that have been marked.

5) Be cautious when making course material purchases online. The items you need
may not arrive on time, causing you to fall behind in your studies.  Also, don't
forget to calculate shipping expenses into the total cost of the textbook.

6) If you have a choice between buying a textbook by itself, or the same text
packaged with a study guide or software package, make sure you need both parts.
While packages can be a great value and maximize learning when properly used,
they are often non-returnable once opened.

7) If you have questions, ask!  Your college store professional is the course
material expert that is dedicated to helping you obtain all of the educational
tools you need for academic success.

CONTACT: Jennifer Libertowski of National Assn. of College Stores,
+1-800-622-7498 ext. 2249, jlibertowski@nacs.org


Barry Bonds will try to break Henry Aaron's all-time home run record this week in San Francisco despite his slump. As of Tuesday he had just three hits in his last thirty times up. Only Promises treatment center in Malibu has a lower batting average.  (Argus Hamilton)

The stunning blonde had gone to her student advisor for some course problems, but seemed to be paying only half attention to his replies.
"Are you feeling OK?" he asked.
 "Well, to be honest, I have this compulsion to have sex with every man I meet, she admitted. "Is there a name for my condition?"
"Why yes, there is," he said, as he picked her up and began carrying her to the couch. "It's called 'Good News'."


He was 26 over par by the eighth hole, had landed a fleet of golf balls in
the water hazard, and dug himself into a trench fighting his way out of the
rough, when his caddy coughed during a 12-inch putt.  The duffer exploded.
"You've got to be the worst caddy in the world!" he screamed.
"I doubt it," replied the caddy.  "That would be too much of a coincidence."

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