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Week of February 18-20

1  - Unknown                 $21,770,000     
2  - I Am Number Four          $19,500,000     
3  3 Gnomeo and Juliet         $19,400,000     
4  1 Just Go With It         $18,200,000    ...
February wasn't such a great month for Christina Aguilera after she flubbed the
National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV and then sort of falling off the stage at the
end of the Grammys tribute to Aretha Franklin.  Now she's kicking off March with
an arrest. Christina and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were arrested early
Tuesday. Aguilera was charged with public intoxication and was released on $250
bail.  Rutler was not so fortunate. He was c...
Wow. Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman in the next Batman movie, "The Dark Knight
Rises." Warner Brothers made the announcement on Wednesday that Hathaway will
play the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the movie, which is scheduled for
release in July 2012. In addition, "Inception" star Tom Hardy has been cast as
the villain Bane. Filming on "The Dark Knight Rises" is scheduled to begin in
the spring.

Talk about pressure...President Obama came close...
After 28 years at the helm, Regis Philbin has decided to retire from hosting
"Regis and Kelly Live".  It was quite a secret.  Even Kelly wasn't informed
about the news until 15 minutes before she went on the air on Tuesday.  No
specific date for his departure was given, but only that it would be sometime
this year. Philbin has shared the show with two chief co-hosts during his run,
Kathie Lee Gifford and the current co-host, Kelly...

The show, "Wipeout" is such a huge success it is spawning a host of wannabe
programing.  Merv Griffin Entertainment has teamed with leading game maker Namco
which owns Pac-Man, to develop an unscripted series based on the video game. The
Pac-Man reality series is envisioned as a "big, crazy Wipeout-type event with a
lot of bringing the biggest game of tag to television.... NBC and
Fremantle are also working on a show that wil...
Wow... Electronic Arts has dropped Tiger Woods from the cover of "Tiger Woods
PGA Tour: The Masters" and replaced it with a shot of Augusta National Golf
Club's iconic yellow flag.  EA Sports President Peter Moore says that people
shouldn't read anything into the decision...their relationship with Woods
remains as strong as ever. TSales for Tiger's golf video game have dropped 50 to
60% worldwide following his cheating scandal in 2009. .