The show, "Wipeout" is such a huge success it is spawning a host of wannabe
programing.  Merv Griffin Entertainment has teamed with leading game maker Namco
which owns Pac-Man, to develop an unscripted series based on the video game. The
Pac-Man reality series is envisioned as a "big, crazy Wipeout-type event with a
lot of bringing the biggest game of tag to television.... NBC and
Fremantle are also working on a show that will have NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice
and comedian Michael Kosta hosting. The project involves contestants playing a
complex version of the game "catch".

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley's new book, " The Rules According to JWOWW: Shore-Tested
Secrets on Landing a Mint Guy, Staying Fresh to Death, and Kicking the
Competition to the Curb" is due out February 8th. In the book, JWOWW recounts
"never-before-shared anecdotes" and informs readers about "what she has learned
about men, sex, smackdowns and standing up for yourself." She'll also discuss
her "wildest moments on Jersey Shore as well as her past relationships."

Selma Blair and her fashion designer boyfriend, Jason Bleick, are expecting a
baby together. Blair, 38, and Bleick, founder and creative director for EVER
fashion line, met while collaborating for the brand and have been dating about a

Martha Stewart hurried to the emergency room after dog accidently headbutted her
in the face. She got a gash in her lip and had to have nine stitches.  Martha
was getting ready to leave her home in New York on Tuesday when she leaned over
to "whisper goodbye" to her dozing french bulldog, Francesca. Martha says she
must have "startled" the dog, because Franny shot up and hit Martha in the face
causing the injury.

Camille Grammer isn't in any hurry to let her husband, Kelsey Grammer off the
hook anytime soon. Kelsey wants to finalize his divorce with Camille so he can
marry his new love, Kayte.  He has filed for an action that would grant the
divorce before any property settlement agreement is reached.  Camille isn't
taking that in any shape or form and says that her rights to the community
estate would be prejudiced.  She estimates their estate at $120 million
including a number of properties an more than 25 vehicles.  If the court should
go with Kelsey's plan,  Camille wants $10 million immediately ... to tide her
over until a final decision is made on the separation of the estate.

Lawrence Taylor pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges in a deal in his
statutory rape case and in return, he will do no jail time, but he will have to
register as a sex offender. The NFL Hall of Famer pled guilty to one count of
patronizing a prostitute and one count of sexual misconduct all stemming from
his arrest last May for having sex with a 16-year-old girl.

Stevie Nicks will hit the road this spring with Rod Stewart for a 13-date Heart
and & Soul Tour.  The tour begins March 20th in Ft. Lauderdale.

ABC has a new upcoming reality series called, "America's Next Great Restaurant."
The contestants aren't chefs so much as they are budding entrepreneurs. The
winner gets three locations of their own national chain, funded by judges Bobby
Flay, Steve Ells, Lorena Garcia and Curtis Stone.  Ells founded the Mexican food
chain called, Chipotle.  The show debuts on March 16th.

Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean has voluntarily checked himself into rehab. McLean
has previously sought treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in
2001 and 2002.  The band postponed their North American tour in 2001 to give
McLean time to recover. McLean's partying, again, could be a problem with a busy
summer of New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys touring ahead. Some fans were
concerned when they spotted McLean drinking on a recent BSB fan cruise.

Bieber, who apparently was having trouble breathing due to an allergic reaction,
was taken to Providence St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California just as the
cast and crew were beginning to wrap up on set.  Justin stayed at the hospital
about 30 minutes and was discharged.



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