Wow. Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman in the next Batman movie, "The Dark Knight
Rises." Warner Brothers made the announcement on Wednesday that Hathaway will
play the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the movie, which is scheduled for
release in July 2012. In addition, "Inception" star Tom Hardy has been cast as
the villain Bane. Filming on "The Dark Knight Rises" is scheduled to begin in
the spring.

Talk about pressure...President Obama came close on Wednesday to saying that he
would go to the Super Bowl if his Chicago Bears make it to the game.   The
comment came at the end of a quick media moment about his Oval Office meeting
with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Obama was asked by a journalist if he's
planning to head to the big game on February 6th in Dallas. "If the Bears win,
I'm going no doubt," Obama said matter-of-factly.

Joan Rivers has been banned from FOX & Friends after claiming on that
Sarah Palin was partially to blame for the Arizona shootings.  Rivers also said
that  Sarah is "stupid and a threat." Rivers was scheduled to appear with her
daughter, Melissa, Thursday to promote her new show, "Joan and Melissa: Joan
Knows Best?"

The L.A. County District Attorney says he still hasn't yet decided whether to
file domestic battery charges against Mel Gibson, partly because Mel's case is
directly tied to the extortion investigation of Oksana Grigorieva, and that case
has not yet been presented to the D.A.

"The Bachelor" Brad Womack, may not be the gentle soul he appears on the show.
According to The Star, the Texas bar owner has quite a rap sheet in his home
state, including arrests for carrying a forged driver's license and public
intoxication. Brad was even found guilty of passing a bad check. At the time,
Brad was going by the last name of his then-stepfather, Charles Pickelsimer.  He
has a mug shot on file from November 2009 in the Texas Department of Public
Safety files which monitors the state's criminal convictions!

Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez will be co-writing a memoir called
"Along the Way" that will be published next year. The book is said to "celebrate
the profound bond" between the two actors. According to Free Press, the book
will "give candid insights into the actors' lives and relationship [and] tell of
their individual search for faith." Sheen, 70, is best known for his role in the
long-running TV series, "The West Wing".

Keith Urban will perform at the pregame show of Super Bowl XLV on February 6th..
Urban will play music from his new CD, "Get Closer".  His 2011 World Tour begins
on June 16th in Mississippi.

Florence Henderson, known to millions as Carol Brady, in "The Brady Bunch" has
announced that she is writing her memiors.  Currently, the book has no title,
but is scheduled to be released in September. Henderson will write of her
difficult childhood in Indiana and her struggles with everything from postpartum
depression to religious faith.

Hilary Duff says she wants to be a mom, but news that broke yesterday that she
was pregnant are just not true. Duff, 23, said she and her husband want
children, but don't want to do it now especially since they've only been married
six weeks.

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