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Hard drives attacfhed to hub..hub attached to lap top...suddenly can't see the hub or anythiong attached to it.  This instructions worked!

Who would have thunk it? I have a *cheap* self-powered, 7-port usb hub. "Cheap" to the effect that it doesn't even carry a brand-name. Data devices (flash drives, blackberry, printer) pretty much stopped working. I had even tried unplugging just the power. But after reading this, I...

1. Unplugged power-supply
The best software we found to recover your lost password in Windows 10 is Lavesoft, free for non commercial use.  You download it to a USB drive which is made bootable in the download. The trick then is to get the computer to boot up from the uSB drive.  Here are the steps...

Go into the BIOS (How?  depends on your computer...power and then escape key does it for my HP)

then choose the System Configuration tab.

Go down to Boot Opetions
Enable Legac...
I have seen this three times in the park...all with an iPhone.  You put the correct password in and it still says wrong password and won't connect. 

The problem is in the automatic selection of security protocol.

We found this
1. Select "Other" in the Network.
2. Put the SSID same as your router's.
3. Select the appropriate security protocol from the menu.
4. Enter the password.
5. Join

Now, that didn't work because it couldn't find the SSID ...
  1. Go to System Preferences > Network.
  2. Click the Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Click the Advanced... button on the bottom right.
  4. Click the Wi-Fi tab.
  5. Under Preferred Networks, select your wireless network.
  6. Click the - (delete) button.
  7. Turn off your Wi-Fi connection.
  8. Turn it back on.
  9. Select and login to your wireless network. This will re-save your connection under Preferred Networks.
  10. Close your laptop and reopen it to t...

This can easily be called a game changer.  Google put their $35 Chromecast device out for sale on line yesterday...and good luck if you can find one.  Google's playstore willl sell you one, but it won't be delivered for 4 to 6 weeks.  The device plugs into an HDMI input on your TV and turns on the Internet.  Youtube, Netflix and other services are no brainers, but, Chromecast goes a step further.  Essentially, if yo...
Hooking up the RV batteries correctly is very important to an RV and occassionally you will find it not done right. This means no lights, etc. After examination here is the perfect Youtube video to explain how it is done correctly

More videos and explanations at
Products Affected

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch


When using a Wi-Fi network with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you may occasionally encounter the following issues:

  • Unable to locate a Wi-Fi network
  • Unable to join a nearby Wi-Fi network
  • Connected to Wi-Fi network, but unable to access the Internet
  • Weak or low Wi-Fi signal strength

This article outlines basic troubleshooting tips and techniques for Wi-Fi on your iOS device. For informa...

Not everyone deals with this situation, but, for those that do this is a godsend.  It's a free program developed by a young Microsoft developer called "Mouse Without Borders."  In my Roadtrek RV Studio I have two lap tops that sit in the shelf above.  I want a bigger monitor and I want to run both computers with one mouse and a full sized keyboard.  I have an inexpensive 23 inch monitor that has two that problem i...
My wonderful Bionic just upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and it turned off Flash which screwed up all my embedded videos.  So I reinstalled Flash from the Google Play Store, but, it still didn't work.  After days of searching the forums I finally found one person who explained everything...I had the wrong version of Flash.  I uninstalled it and went to<...>
If you are on the road with your laptop you may want to take this seriously.

RV Dream has just joined Facebook and other network websites to warn of a malware that is believed to  have infected millions of users.  The malware is called DNSChanger and will supposedly completely shut down computers that have been infected with it on July 9th. A special website has been set up to help you detect if your computer has DNSChanger and if yo...