This can easily be called a game changer.  Google put their $35 Chromecast device out for sale on line yesterday...and good luck if you can find one.  Google's playstore willl sell you one, but it won't be delivered for 4 to 6 weeks.  The device plugs into an HDMI input on your TV and turns on the Internet.  Youtube, Netflix and other services are no brainers, but, Chromecast goes a step further.  Essentially, if you can watch it on a computer, tablet or phone screen, you'll be able to watch it on your TV. "By coming out early at an extremely affordable price, Google may wind up dominating the TV delivery industry," consumer tech analyst Larry Magid wrote on Forbes. "It's hard to imagine that Hulu, Major League Baseball, HBO Go and every other content provider isn't beating a path to their door. I imagine that the TV networks, too, are anxious to get their content on the device."

When it was first released the device came with three months of Netflix, for both new and old subscribers, but, late word was that has been rescinded because of the huge demand.  Your laptop, tablet or smartphone becomes the TV remote as long as they are both hooked up to the same wi-fi network.  Also, there was a report that Best Buy would have them in the stores by this Sunday.
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