Hard drives attacfhed to hub..hub attached to lap top...suddenly can't see the hub or anythiong attached to it.  This instructions worked!

Who would have thunk it? I have a *cheap* self-powered, 7-port usb hub. "Cheap" to the effect that it doesn't even carry a brand-name. Data devices (flash drives, blackberry, printer) pretty much stopped working. I had even tried unplugging just the power. But after reading this, I...

1. Unplugged power-supply
2. Unplugged usb-to-computer cable
3. Unplugged all usb devices from all ports
4. Plugged in power-supply
5. Plugged in usb-to-computer cable
6. Plugged in all usb devices as they were.

Bingo! So now I have to go clear out my shopping cart at newegg. :) THANKS!
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